Black SplatFried Green Tomatoes (1991)

"Face it girls. I’m older and I have more insurance."

Fried Green Tomatoes - Kathy Bates as Evelyn tells off two rude young women

Description: Life-lesson taught to two punky young women in the motion picture Fried Green Tomatoes (1991).

One day, as Evelyn Couch (Kathy Bates) waits to pull into a parking spot at a local supermarket, a red Volkswagen convertible zips in and steals her space. “Excuse me. I was waiting for that space,” Evelyn objected politely. But her objection meets with ridicule as one of the two females in the Volkswagen quips, “Yeah, tough. Face it lady. We're younger and faster.”

Suddenly , the normally reserved (but now menopausal) Evelyn shouts, “To Wanda!” and then rams her much larger automobile repeatedly into the girl’s tiny-framed vehicle.

“What are you doing,” cry the females, “Are you crazy!” With a cool glance, Evelyn stares at her accusers, and says, “Face it girls. I’m older and I have more insurance.”

Later that day, as Evelyn visits Mrs. Ninny Threadgoode (Jessica Tandy) at the Rose Hills nursing home, she is still feeling a rush of power and confidence and joyfully confides to Ninny:

“After I whip all the punks of the world, I’ll take on the wife beaters...and machine gun their genitals. Then Wanda will go on the rampage. I’ll put tiny little bombs in Penthouse and Playboy so they’ll explode when you open them. I am gonna ban all fashion models who weigh less that 130 pounds. And I’ll give half of the military budget to people over sixty-five and declare wrinkles sexually desirable. To Wanda! Righter of wrongs! Queen beyond compare!

As Evelyn finishes her feminist tirade, her friend Ninny inquires, “How many of those hormones you taking, honey?”

Evelyn first met Mrs. Ninny Threadgoode while visiting a friend at Rose Hills nursing home. The two women struck up a conversation and soon the older woman began to tell stories about her youth and her friends in a small town in Alabama.

Over a period of visits, Ninny Threadgoode unravels a tale of two feisty females, Ruth Jamison (Mary-Louise Parker) and her best friend, Idgie Threadgoode (Mary Stuart Masterson) who share a special bond of love.

Fried Green Tomatoes - Ruth and Idgie

When Ruth’s abusive husband beat her, Idgie rescues her from his cruelness. The two women then open a small eatery called The Whistle Stop Cafe.

"That's right, you gump-face, blown up, baboon-assed bastard!" - Idgie

One night, Ruth’s disgruntled husband steals the baby boy that Ruth delivered some time after leaving him. While taking the child, he attacks Sipsey (Cicely Tyson), a black woman and slaps her to the ground with the barrel of the shotgun. Sipsey revives and wielding a stout frying pan bangs the back of man’s head and kills him. As Ninny later says in her story, "That frying pan did more than fry chicken that night."

To cover up the act and thus save Sipsey from the unfairness of the prejudiced southern courts, Idgie and her large, black friend, Big George (Stan Shaw) disposed of the body. It was rendered with other slaughtered pigs used to make the barbeque for the Whistle Stop Cafe.

Fried Green Tomatoes - Secret barbeque sauce in the making.

When a Georgia police detective arrives to investigate the man’s disappearance, he stops by the cafe and has himself a heapin' helpin of ribs. He compliments the food, and Sipsey, the waitress says, "Secret’s in the sauce, or so I'm told."

Fried Green Tomatoes - Movie Poster

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