Black SplatFrom Here To Eternity (1953)

"Okay, Fatso, if it’s killing you want, come on."

From Here to Eternity - Ernest Borgnine and Burt Lancaster

Description: Burt Lancaster as Sgt. Milton Warden tries to break up a barroom brawl started by sadistic Sgt. “Fatso” Judson (Ernest Borgnine) in the motion picture From Here To Eternity (1953).

Stationed at Pearl Harbor in 1941, prior to the Japanese invavion Fatso had taken a special interest in bullying Pvt. Angelo Maggio (Frank Sinatra), calling him a “wop” and reminding him, “Guys like you end up in the stockade sooner or later. Some day you’ll walk in. I’ll be waiting. I’ll show you a couple of things.”

After Maggio is thrown in the stockade, he receives a vicious beating. Fellow solider Pvt. Robert E. Lee "Prew" Prewitt (Montgomery Clift) finds Maggio dying, battered body and listens as Lee warns, “Prew, listen. Fatso done it, Prew. He liked to whack me in the gut. He asks me if it hurts and I spit at him like always—only yesterday it was bad. He hit me. He hit me...Watch out for Fatso.”

Captain Holmes: You know why you were assigned to G Company?
Pvt. Prewitt: No, sir.
Captain Holmes: I pulled a few strings. I'm the regimental boxing coach, you know.
Pvt. Prewitt: Yes, sir.
Captain Holmes: I saw your fight with Connors in the Bowl, year before last. You should've won it.
Pvt. Prewitt: Thank you, sir.
Captain Holmes: Our regiment got beaten in the finals last December, but I mean to win this year. All I've needed is a top middleweight.
Pvt. Prewitt: I'm sorry, sir. I quit fighting.
Captain Holmes: Quit fighting? When? What for?
Pvt. Prewitt: Well, over a year ago. Maybe you heard about what happened with Dixie Wells?
Captain Holmes: You mean that fellow that got hurt?
Pvt. Prewitt: Yes sir.
Captain Holmes: Yes, I heard about that. It's too bad. I can understand how you feel, but those things happen.
Pvt. Prewitt: That's WHY I decided I would quit, sir.
Captain Holmes: You might as well say stop war because one man got killed!

From Here to Eternity - Movie Poster

From Here to Eternity - Movie Poster

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