Black SplatGodzilla (1954)

"Tokyo lies in burning ruins"

Raymond Burr as reporter Steve Martin describes Godzilla's wake of destruction

Description - Part of a news broadcast narrated by American foreign correspondent Steve Martin (Raymond Burr) in the Japanese science fiction Gojira (1954) [released in America as Godzilla in 1956].

As a 400-foot prehistoric reptile with radioactive breath is revived due to nuclear testing, it begins to ravage the Japanese coastline. Reporter Martin reports on the damage:

“My name is Steve Martin, I’m a correspondent for United World News. I was headed for an assignment in Cairo when I stopped off in Tokyo for a social call. But it turned out to be a visit to a living hell from another world. Here in Tokyo, time has been turned back 2 million years. Tokyo lies in burning ruins. The dead litter the streets...the dying hole up in the shattered remains of once-great structures. No nuclear weapon could have caused more destruction or taken a greater toll—though a nuclear bomb would perhaps have been a quicker, more merciful end than the ravages of GODZILLA!”

Godzilla destroys electrical towers

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