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"Sit on it!"

Happy Days - The Fonz says, 'Sit on it!'

Description: - Crude, but to-the-point insult often used by Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzerelli (Henry Winkler) on the 1950s based sitcom HAPPY DAYS/ABC/1974-84. The ‘it’ on which one was to ‘sit’ was never identified (thankfully).

The term is an example of a general dismissal, like "Get out of my Face, "Go Away," "Shut up." Here are some samples of the "Sit on it!" phrase as it was used on the series.

    • Sit on it, Richie! (Joanie Cunningham)
    • Sit on it, Malph! (Joanie Cunningham)
    • Sit on it, Spike! (Joanie Cunningham)
    • Sit on it, Howard! (Marian Cunningham)
    • Sit on it, Kirk! (Al Delvecchio to cop)
    • Sit on it, Marvin! (Fonzie, Arnold, Howard Cunningham)
    • Richard, got to the field and sit on it! (Howard Cunningham to son)
    • Bob Hope can sit on it! (Marian Cunningham to TV Set)
    • Sit on it, Fonzie! (Ralph Malph)
    • Sit on it! (Richard Cunningham to Fonzie)
    • Sit on it! (Howard Cunningham to Fonzie)
    • Sit on it, Potsie! (Richard Cunningham and others on the show)

When Rick Cronin, the president of Nick at Nite’s TV Land was asked the trivia question “When Fonzie says, ‘Sit on it!’ What exactly is it?” he responded, “It’s either a pepperoni pizza or a whoopie cushion, or perhaps a banana cream pie. Only Fonzie knows for sure and people are afraid to ask him.”

Note: Vinnie Barbarino (John Travolta), a member of the Sweat Hogs on the TV series "Welcome Back Kotter" used a similar expression ("Up your nose with a rubber hose!") to get people off his case.

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