Black SplatHard to Kill (1990)

"I’m gonna take you to the bank, Senator Trent—the blood bank."

Hard to Kill - Steven Seagal as Mason Storm

Description: Steven Seagal as Mason Storm delivers a deadly warning to a corrupt politician in the motion picture Hard to Kill, aka Seven Year Storm (1990).

Mason Storm is a Los Angeles police detective who videotapes politician Vernon Trent (William Sadler) making a dirty deal with the mob to finance his bid for the Senate.

Unfortunately, the mob’s henchmen break into Storm’s home to kill him and retrieve the tape. The hoods succeed in killing Storm’s wife but don’t find the tape nor do they kill Storm but only wound him critically.

Tagged as dead to stop any further mob vendettas, Storm is sequestered in a private hospital. Seven years later Mason awakens from a coma and once again is hot on the trail of the men who hurt him and his family.

As he recovers, Mason sees a political ad on television with now 'Senator' Trent saying, "You can take that to the bank!” Mason just snarls and says, “I'm gonna take you to the bank, Senator Trent—to the blood bank!”

After Mason kills corrupt police Captain Dan Hulland (Andrew Bloch), he retorts, "Now you're a good cop." Still on the trail of vengeance, Mason breaks through small army of private bodyguards at Senator Trent's mansion.

When Storm recognizes the thug who murdered his wife, he kills the man, saying, “This is for my wife. Fuck you and die!” But not before jamming a broken billiard cue through the man's neck and kicking him in the face.

Finally, Mason finds Senator Trent cowering in a closet with a sawed-off shotgun. He fires a round at Storm, but Mason snatches the gun and shoves the gun barrel in the Senator's mouth, Then Mason escorts Trent out of the room and down a staircase. As they walk Mason says:

Hard to Kill - Mason Storm and Senator Vernon Trent having a little chat

"How do you like this, Vernon? I'd like to kill you so bad I can barely contain myself. But I've been thinking. Death is far too merciful a fate for you. So what I'm going to do is... put you in prison. A nice petite white boy like you in a federal penitentiary... Let me just put it this way, I don't think you'll be able to remain anal-retentive for very long."

When Mason removes the gun barrel from Trent's mouth to get handcuffs off of a dead bodyguard, the Senator grabs a fireplace poker and swings at Storm who avoids the assault. Pissed, Storm points the gun at the Senator's genitals and pulls the trigger. “I missed!" quips Storm. "I never miss! They must have been smaller than I thought!”

Just then the police arrive and inform Mason that the authorities have his incriminating video tape. They arrest the Senator and Mason is reunited with his son who had escaped death so many years ago.

Hard to Kill - Movie Poster

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