Black SplatHeart Condition (1990)

"Get your big, fat extra-crispy-bucket-of-chicken, two-liter-Pepsi-Cola drinking ass out of bed."

Heart Condition - The ghost of Napoleon Stone yells at a sleeping Jack Moony

Description: Denzel Washington as Napoleon Stone in the motion picture Heart Condition (1990).

Napoleon "Leon" Stone is a suave, black lawyer who lives in the city of Los Angeles. The majority of his clients are drug dealers, so Stone is not very popular with the local police, especially LAPD vice cop Sgt. Jack Moony (Bob Hoskins) who besides hating Stone because he is black, dislikes the fact he defends the very drug dealers the Jack and his fellow men in blue spend their days trying to arrest.

Now, one day, Jack Moony, who constantly abuses his body with cigarettes, greasy burgers and whiskey, has a heart attack in his apartment. His only chance is a heart transplant. Miraculously, a heart becomes available, but it's not the heart that Jack would have chosen. The heart belongs to Napoleon Stone who had been killed in a car accident, that suspiciously looks like a mob hit.

"Police Sgt Jack Mooney has got no class, no style and no pulse. No man alive can help Jack Mooney. That leaves Leon Stone. He's given Jack his heart. Now if can just give him some soul. Bob Hoskins, Denzel Washington. Together, they might just make the world's first cardiac arrest." - Movie Trailer

Recuperating from surgery, Jack discovers that beside having Stone's heart, he must suffer the ghostly presence of Stone's spirit who wants Jack to help him catch the guy who ran him over in a car. As Leon says, "You got to help me find the guy who killed me!"

But Jack just ignores Leon, which prompts Stone to say, "Racial prejudice I can understand, but ghost prejudice? Now that's a whole different concept." One of the main reasons that Jack dislike Stone is because he was dating Crystal Gerrity (Chloe Webb) who used to be Jack's love interest.

Heart Condition - Napoleon Stone and Officer Jack Moony

As Jack falls back into his old habits, like eating greasy hamburgers, Leon smacks his hand in mid-bite and says, "Don't eat that, trust me." Having a hard time adjusting to his new lifestyle and his new ghostly companion, Jack tells Stone to "Go to Hell." Jack replies, "That's what I'm trying to avoid."

Moony: How can you be sick? You're dead!
Stone: It's psychological.
Stone: What's so funny?
Moony: A hypochondriac spook.

Eventually, Jack's disdain for Stone softens and he begins to investigate Stone's murder which leads to Jack being fired from his job. There is one perk in their relationship, however. Stone shares his skills with women and turns Jack into a sharp-dressing ladies man.

As Jack and Stone dig deeper, they learn that Crystal Gerrity has a newborn son, Stone's child and both of them are in danger from a mobster named Harry Zara (Ray Baker). Harry had Stone killed because he was getting close to exposing damaging evidence about the drug overdose of Senator Marquand, one of Stone's clients.

Fearing that Crystal might also be a threat, Zara decides to dispose of Crystal, her child and her friend Annie. But Jack Moony and Stone come to the rescue and save Crystal and her baby. Unfortunately, they are too late for Annie, who is given a deadly drug overdose.

Despite suffering further heart complications while stalking Harry, Jack with Stone's help, manages to survive an ambush of Harry's hired thugs and kills Zara when the man's cell phone gives away his position.

In the end, Jack marries Crystal and is reinstated as a detective sergeant while the ghost of Napoleon Stone smiles nearby, happy that his former girlfriend Crystal and his baby are in good hands.

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