Black Splat The Heat (2013)

"I'll shut the door on you. You lay down here and put your head in the door. And I'll slam it about 157,000 fucking times."

Melissa McCarthy as Police Detective Shannon Mullin in the 2013 movie THE HEAT

Description: Melissa McCarthy as foul-mouthed police detective Shannon Mullins suggests how she will treat Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock), an uptight FBI agent if she doesn't allow her to interview a suspect in the motion picture The Heat (2013).

FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn has been sent from New York to Boston to bring down a ruthless drug lord. If she is successful, she will receive a promotion and hopefully earn the respect of her co-workers who currently find Sarah arrogant and condescending. According to Ashburn's boss, "You're not a team player. None of the agents like you."

When Sarah arrives in Boston, she begins to interview a suspect who was collared by foul-mouthed Detective Mullins, who is very territorial as well as a bit nutzo.

Officer: Hey Mullins, Captain wants to know when you're coming in?
Muillins: Tell him I'll be there sharply at "go fuck yourself" o'clock.

Mullins is just the opposite of Ashburn who does things by-the-book while Mullins does what she pleases to get the job done.

Mullins and Ashburn interrogate a suspect in the 2013 movie THE HEAT

For example, when she sees a suspect on the street, she uses her car to run him down "literally" and when the suspect refuses to offer information, she hangs him upside down over a balcony (with the reluctant help of Ashburn) and then loses her grip and drops the man two stories to crash on the hood of a car below.

Mullin arrests a man who solicited a prostitute in the 2013 movie THE HEAT

When Mullins finds a man soliciting up a prostitute, she takes his cell phone, calls his wife and informs her of her husband's actions.

"I'll show you what's the matter. IT'S YOU, you piece of shit!...I'm going to make you fucking bend over, and I'm gonna reach up your ass into your pocket and get the keys to your house and then I am going to drive there and come in your front fucking door and kill you in your sleep. That's what I'm gonna do." - Mullins to a fellow officer.

Eventually, both Ashburn and Mullins bond with each other, despite their differences and set out to find and capture a drug kingpin named Larkin using Mullin's knowledge of the area.

To find some leads, Ashburn and Mullins plant a bug on the cell phone of local nigh club owner, when they are approached by Craig and Adam, two DEA agents who have been working the Larking Case for months. They fear the police will compromise their case.

Later, Ashburn discovers Mullin's brother, recently released from prison is connected with Larkin's organization. Helping his sister, he directs the two officers to a paint factory where they arrest Julian, one of Larkin's associates for killing a drug dealer.

Julian manages to escape custody and threatens to harm Mullin's family. The family is placed in protective custody but Jason is beaten and put into a coma by Julian and his thugs for
snitching to the cops.

Outfitting themselves with weapons from Mullin's personal stash of arms, the two women infiltrate a warehouse, but are captured by Julian who stabs Ashburn in the leg with a knife and threatens to murder them both.

Luckily DEA Agent Craig arrives and proceeds to release them when he is killed by his partner Adam who turns out to be Larkin, the head of the drug operation. Larkin orders Julian to finish off the two women while he leaves to kill Mullin's brother Jason in the hospital.

Ashburn shoots Larkin in the 2013 movie THE HEAT

Ashburn manages to head butt Julian and both women rush to the hospital to save Jason, just as Larkin was about to inject air into Jason's vein. Despite her wounded leg, Ashburn arrives on the scene and shoots Larkin in the genitals.

"That officer you are making fun of, who you are all laughing at. That officer right there is a better law enforcement officer that anyone in this room...What's the matter with you? You're just...You're just such jerks. You're just shit-jerk dick-fuckers. You're just shit-jerk-dick-fucker assholers! And all of you need to go fuck yourselves" - Asburn defending Mullin when an officer makes fun of Mullin during a powerpoint presentation.

With mission accomplished, Ashburn decides to stay in Boston at the FBI's field office while Mullins receives a commendation from the Boston Police Department. Nearby, her family cheers her on after finally forgiving Mullin's for arresting Jason in the past.

Poster from the 2013 movie THE HEAT

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