Black SplatThe Help (2011)

"Eat my shit!"

The Help

Description - The in-your-face-payback of one Minny Jackson (Octavia Spencer), an African-American woman who was unjustly fired in the motion picture The Help (2011).

Minny Jackson worked as a maid for a white family in a southern town in early 1960s. The culture of prejudice of white against blacks was still thick in the air, so when Milly decided to use the same toilet as the white folks use in the house where she worked, she was fired.

To get back at Hilly Holbrook (Bryce Dallas Howard), Minny returns to the scene of the crime with a specially-baked desert filled with something "extra" and presents it to her former employer - who has a love for pie, especially chocolate ones.

Minny's antic later appeared in a book called "The Help" containing stories about black maids in the region. To her chagrin, Hilly Holbrook earned the nickname "Two Slice."

Excerpt from the Movie Script.

Minny: Sorry, I need to tell y'all about the terrible awful I've done to Mrs. Hilly. It might be the only thing to keep us safe.
Hilly: So, nobody wanted to hire a sass-mouthing, thieving nigra...did they? Oh, pie's as good as always, Minny.
The Help - Hilly eats the last piece of Minny's shit pie
Minny: I'm glad you like it.
Hilly: Ahh, if I take you back, I have to cut your pay five dollars a week.
Minny: Take me back?
Hilly: What do you put in here that makes it taste so good?
The Help - Hilly eats a piece of Minny's shit pie

That good vanilla from Mexico, and something else real special...M-m-m-m. No-no-no-no-no, Mrs. Walters. That's Miss Hilly's special pie.

Hilly: Mama can have a piece. Ugh, Cut her one! Go get a plate.
Hilly: Eat my shit!
The Help - Minny's shit pie
Minny: What did you say?
Minny: I said, "Eat my shit."
Hilly: Have you lost your mind?
Minny: No, ma'am, but you 'bout to, cause you just did...
Hilly: Did what? [Mrs. Walters laughs as Hilly gags and runs away to throwup]
Mrs. Walters You didn't eat just one, you had two slices! [Minny snatches the rest of the pie from the table and leaves] Run, Minny! Run! [cries Mrs. Walters, still laughing]

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