Black SplatHidalgo (2004)

"Nobody hurts my horse!"

Hidalgo - Frank gets his revenge

Description: Viggo Mortenson as Frank T. Hopkins getting his revenge in the motion picture Hidalgo (2004).

Frank Hopkins is a cowboy and dispatch rider for the U.S. cavalry who has befriended such frontier notables as Buffalo Bill Cody (J.K.Simmons) and Annie Oakley (Elizabeth Berridge).

Part Native American, Frank is considered to be one of the best riders in the American west. Frank's legendary horse, Hidalgo, a mixed breed Spanish mustang, has never lost a long distance race.

When Sheik Riyadh (Omar Sharif) learns of Frank and his horse, he invites them to participate in a desert horse race called the Ocean of Fire, a sixty-eight day, life-endangering 3,000-mile trek across the Arabian Desert. The Sheik believes that his line of stallions are better and a nobler breed than the American Mustang and hopes to prove his point by allowing Hidalgo to run in the race.

Hidalgo - Frank advises a stranger

Before Frank rides in the race, he rebukes a stranger, saying, “ can say anything you want about me. I'm gonna have to ask you not to talk about my horse that way.”

As the race begins, Frank and his horse face many hardships, - lack of water, sand storms and camouflaged pits dug into the desert filled with sharpened stakes meant to debilitate or kill riders in the race.

When Hopkins and his horse, Hidalgo, fall into one of these traps, his horse’s hind quarter is impaled on a lethally-pointed wooden shaft set in the bottom of the pit.

Quickly, Hopkins pulls out the wooden spike by cutting into the horse’s hide, and pulls his horse out of the hole so he they can continue on with the race. But Frank is attacked by a man hired to kill him and his horse.

As his assailant stumbles over the top of one of the pits. Frank uses his rope to collapse the cover and drop the assassin into a pit of deadly pointed shafts, saying, "Nobody hurts my horse."

Hidalgo - Frank and his horse

Despite harsh desert conditions, Frank and his horse cross the finish line as winners. Admitting defeat, Sheik Riyadh offers his Colt horse to Frank, saying, "I lost the race." Frank replies, "But you won a friend."

After Frank returns to America, he uses his winning from the race to rescue a herd of mustang horses ordered slaughtered by the US Military. As thanks for all his years of faithful service, Frank then lets Hidalgo go free to run with the other recently released wild mustangs.

Hidalgo - Movie Poster

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