Black SplatHIgh Crimes (2002)

"I've already survived you once you smug son of a bitch. The question is: Will you survive me?"

High Crimes - Claire  Kubik chastises Brig. General Bill Marks

Description: Ashley Judd as Claire Kubik chastises Brigadier General Bill Marks (Bruce Davidson) after intimidating her to drop a case against the military in the motion picture High Crimes (2002).

Claire is a high powered lawyer. One day, her husband Tom (Jim Caviezle) is suddenly arrested and charged with the crime of killing innocent villagers in Latin America while known as Marine Sgt. Ron Chapman. Tom swears he is innocent and sees five years prison as a veritable death sentence. Coming to her husband's aid, Claire enlists the help of Charlie Grimes (Morgan Freeman), a former military lawyer who has a problem with alcohol which he swears off during the case.

High Crimes - Military Trial of Sgt. Ron Chapman, aka Tom Kubik

Disproving the charges becomes difficult because all of the other Marines who were involved in the military action have conveniently died or will soon be eliminated. As Claire presses on with her investigation, she is verbally threatened, physically attacked, and even run off the road - the accident kills her unborn baby.

Claire Kubik: Doesn't it make more sense that some of those alleged witnesses were ordered to lie on their CID statements?
Major Hernandez: They were NOT ordered to lie.
Claire Kubik: How do you know?
Major Hernandez: I would know if something like that happened to my men.
Claire Kubik: And if something like that happened to your men you would tell us.
Major Hernandez: Of course. I wouldn't lie about it.
Claire Kubik: But major, you were trained and often compelled to lie about your clandestine missions. As I understand it, you're trained to beat a polygraph. Is it true you possess that talent?
Major Hernandez: I'd only use it if interrogated by the enemy, ma'm.
Claire Kubik: That's good to know. So tell me this major, do you consider me a friend?

When she gets too close to the truth, the military decides to drop the case on grounds of national security. Happy to have proven her husband innocent, Claire takes a road trip out of town. But while enjoying a second honeymoon of sorts, her partner Charlie Grimes calls her on the phone and has her check her husband's whereabouts on certain dates. His appointment calender indicates that his business trips to various cities corresponded to the same dates and locations where witnesses to the military action were killed.

High Crimes - Sgt. Ron Chapman killing civilians

Claire pleads with Tom to tell her the truth and he admits that he followed orders and killed the people that the military considered a threat. After telling her the truth, Tom attacks Claire and ties her up. But before he can do her any further harm, he is shot and killed by a Latin American man who had followed Claire and Tom as they left town to avoid the Press. The man was a witness to Tom's murder of innocent civilians and exacted his revenge for his acts. Claire let's the man go and later she becomes a law partner with Charlie Grimes. Of course, she uses her maiden name, thus the law firm of Grimes and Grimaldi is born.

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