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"Drop Dead!"

The Hitman - Chuck Norris as Mafia hitman Danny Grogan

Description: Chuck Norris as mob enforcer Danny Grogan puts an Iranian mobster in his place in the motion picture The Hitman (1991).

Danny Grogan is a ruthless Seattle hitman in the employ of the Mafia. He used to work in New York City as police officer Cliff Garret until his corrupt partner Ronny 'Del' Delaney (Michael Parks) shot him during a Manhattan warehouse stakeout when Cliff saw suspicious activity...activity that Del was well aware of.

Cliff survives the attempt on his life and agrees to assume a new identity of Danny Grogan and infiltrates a Mafia drug smuggling operation on the West Coast run by Marco Luganni (Al Waxman), the head of the crime family.

Now in the employ of the mob, Marco gives Cliff the authority to lay waste to a number of hoodlums, including those of two rival gangs (French Canadian and Iranian) who want to muscle their way in to the Mafia's territory. As Marco tells his fellow partners in crime:

"I don't want none of those motherfuckers going back to Vancouver alive. Do you hear? Not one. So it is your job to carve them a brand new asshole right between the fucking eyes, because that's how expensive it is to try and horn in on my territory."

As pressure increases to shut down their competitors, Danny and his gang deal their own special brand of justice, like shoving raw pork down the throat of a captured Islamic criminal ("Open your fucking mouth!").

In an effort to make the rival gangs fight amongst themselves, Cliff visits a Mid-Eastern restaurant posing as a representative from the French gang. Entering the place through the kitchen, Cliff works his way to the main dining area and eyes a belly dancer performing for a group of Iranian mobsters. Cliff approaches and tells the men at the table, "Mr. Lacombe sent me here to give you boys some advice...Mr. Lacombe said to tell you, umm, camel jockeys that if you fuck with him, he is going to cut off your balls and stick them up your ass."

As he delivers his message, Cliff samples some of the food at the table, spits it out, and says, "You guys eat this shit?" Immediately, one of the men at the table says, "You're a dead man." Cliff replies, "I'm not afraid to die, are you?" The man answers, "No, Allah protects us." Cliff casually responds, "Well then this shouldn't hurt" and slams the man's head into a plate of food.

The rest of the men at the table attack Cliff, but he easily dispatches them all. Then he tells the first man he hit, "This is just a warning."The man replies, "You are fuckin' dead." Cliff says, "You already said that" and tosses him away.

The Hitman - Chuck Norris as mobster Danny Grogan

As Cliff prepares to leave, Hassan (Michael Benyaer), the one who was forced to eat pork enters and recognizes Cliff as a Mafia enforcer. He yells, ""You! Fuck! Motherfuck!” and reaches for a pistol in the waistband of his pants. Cliff quickly pulls out a shotgun, and says, "Drop Dead!" and blows Hassan's body backwards through the restaurant's front window.

Soon after Cliff's visit, the Iranian's find Lacombe hiking in the woods near his country estate and kill his bodyguards. Screaming, Lacombe flees. The Iranians allow him to live, but shout, "This is just a warning," to make the point that they do not like to be threatened.

Later, Cliff's' cover as a hitman is blown when he is fingered by his old partner, Del who arranged a meeting with Marco Luganni and Andre Lancombe to make a deal to merge their operations. But the deal is bogus, and Del and his Iranians associates assassinate the two mob bosses in an ambush.

In the end, Cliff gets the upper hand, crashes Del's party, and like a one-man army kills his Iranian backers. Among them, is the same guy who had his face smashed into a plate of food in the restaurant. Seeing the man hiding in a van, Cliff points his gun, and again asks, "I'm not afraid to die. Are you?" Cliff kills the man, and says, "I guess not."

With the assassins killed, Cliff looked for Del who tried to convince Cliff to join forces with him. "We could run the whole god damned town." But Cliff was no longer interested in "limited partnershps."

Capturing Del, Cliff taped his old partner's mouth shut, tied him to a chair and then suspended him by a rope outside of a window after he called the police. "Now if you feel like you need to piss your pants Del?" asks Cliff, "Just squeeeeeeeeze those cheeks ...reeeeeal tight."

When Cliff's undercover contact arrive to take control, Cliff walks away as a bomb planted on Del explodes. "God Damn it, Garret, we wanted him alive." Grinning, Cliff replies, "Ain't life a bitch?"

Note: During his undercover assignment, Cliff befriended a fatherless black boy who was being bullied by local white kids. Chris trains the boy to defend himself against his attackers, which enables the boy to stand up to and defeat a youngster who has been tormenting him.

When the racist father of the defeated white boy sees a black boy win the fight, he grabs his boy and begins to pummel his own son as he drags him away. Angered, Cliff follows the man home and pushes the door bell. Seeing Cliff at the door, the man says, "Well, Well, Well, What the hell do you want, nigger lover?" Cliff punches a hole through the screen door and hits the man in the face, knocking him to the floor. As the man grabs his bloody nose, Cliff glares at the man, then turns and walks away.

Later, injuries sustained from a bomb placed in Cliff's apartment by his old partner Del, sent the black boy to the hospital, but he survived. Del had taped the boy's mouth shut and tied him to a chair before the bomb exploded. Cliff paid back Del by blowing him up.

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