Black SplatHouse Party 3 (1994)

"If people don’t like you for being yourself...FUCK ‘EM!"

House Party 3 - Uncle Vester offers advice to nephew

Description: Bernie Mac as Uncle Vester Harris explains the importance of being true to yourself to his nephew Christopher Harris (Christopher "Kid" Reid) in the motion picture House Party 3 (1994).

Christopher Harris is taking the plunge and marrying his girlfriend Veda (Angela Means), but before he does, he asks his Uncle Vester for advice on how to make his fiancee's parents like him. In response, Uncle Vester shouts:

“Boy, just be yourself. If people don’t like you for being yourself...FUCK ‘EM! Let me tell you something. I scored with a girl when I was about your age. I try to please her pappy all the time; went out my way to please her pappy. I came in one day, I said, ‘Nice weather we having.’ He said, ‘You can’t say that. You can't say that; it might rain.’ I said, ‘Nice tie you got on.’ ‘You can’t say that; wife try to choke me with it.’ Point I’m trying to tell you, son, is be yourself. People who don’t like ya for being yourself...FUCK ‘EM! FUCK '’EM! up against the wall, with handcuffs on, with crazy glue on their lips! That's all you do.”

NOTE: The African-American flick House Party 3 (1994) is the second sequel to the hilairous black comedy House Party (1990) starring Kid and Play. The following insults were heard in the previous films.

House Party (1990)
Bilal: Kick your bitch to the curb and let me ride with my equipment! I'm the DJ.
LaDonna: Bitch? Who you callin' a bitch? Your mama's a sorry bitch.
Bilal: Hey, my mama ain't no bitch.
LaDonna: If I'm a bitch, your mama's a bitch.
Bilal: Hey, I'll kick your ass. I'll fight a girl.
LaDonna: I know. I heard your ass was beat by a couple.
Stab: Yo, I'l put my foot so far up yo ass you be shittin' sneaker for a month.
Pop: What's your name?
Clint: Clinton.
Pop: Clinton what?
Clint: Clinton, um, X. I'm a Muslim.
Pop: Clinton X, huh? Well go home and bring me 2 bean pies and a pork chop sandwich, you little trout-mouthed heathen.
  House Party 2 (1991)
Play: Man, that Kid would forget his dick if it wasn't screwed on tight.

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