Black SplatI Love You Again (1940)

"Listen, Lady. I generally never sock a dame. But I’m inclined to make an exception of you."

I Love You Again - Edmund Lowe as Duke Sheldon

Description: Edmund Lowe as Duke Sheldon warns Kay Wilson (Myrna Loy) his patience with her is waning in the motion picture I Love You Again (1940).

Kay Wilson is married to dull, penny-pinching Larry Wilson (William Powell), but she won't be for long. She finds husband and her marriage boring and wants out. But Kay has to wait for Larry to return from a sea cruise. However, during the cruise, Larry is knocked unconscious by an oar when he dives in the ocean to save inebriated passenger “Doc” Ryan (Frank McHugh) who fell overboard. Recovering from the knock to his noggin', Larry realizes that he has been the victim of amnesia and that he is not Larry Wilson, but rather a charming but conniving swindler named George Carey.

When the steam ship docks, George is confronted with a woman claiming to be his wife and also declaring she wants a divorce. George realizes that for the last nine years he’s been the manager of a local pottery shop, loves taxidermy and that his net worth as Larry is considerable, so he sets out to liquidate the Wilson's financial holdings and split town.

George: You be careful, madam, or you'll turn my pretty head with your flattery.
Kay: I often wished I could turn your head - on a spit, over a slow fire.

Unfortunately, George soon learns that Larry's $100,000 funds are tied up in a Community Chest and that he owns the bank money. So, George switches plans and prepares a new scam when he discovers Larry owns a plot of vacant land. Calling in his old partner Duke Sheldon, George arranges to "salt" the land to make people believe there is oil on the property.

George sets the scam in motion by using a troop of local boy scouts. During an outing in the woods on Larry's land, they stumble upon the alleged oil and soon word about the black gold spreads like wild fire through the town of Habersville, Pennsylvania.

I Love You Again - George leads a troop of boy scouts

And knowing how greed motivates a body, Larry and his partner, Duke quickly have a long line of local suckers who want to buy into the newly discovered oil field. Meanwhile, George promises Kay he will grant her the divorce, but she needs to give him six weeks, six weeks to run his scam and then skidaddle out of town.

But a funny thing happens on the way to the scam, George falls in love with Kay and decides to call off his con and stay with Kay, who likes the new Larry so much she drops her plans of divorce. Despite his checkered, Kay still remains firm in her newfound love for her man.

When George's sleazy partner in crime Duke Sheldon barks, "Shut your mouth, madam", Kay counters, "You can't give me orders, you're a crook." Duke agrees, "That's right lady, I am a crook, but what do you think he is, a bible salesman?" Kay replies, "I don't care if he's an ax murderer, that's all finished." But Duke won't drop the phony oil deal because he has too much invested in it to leave empty handed.

I Love You Again - Kay kisses George

"Ever since you got off that boat you've been chasing me like an amorous goat. You've tried your darnedest to make me fall in love with you and now you have. So from now on I'm going to do the chasing, and believe me, brother, you're going to know you've been chased." - Kay Wilson

To withdraw his participation in the oil scam, George feigns amnesia again, and lets Duke Sheldon take over the reigns of the phony oil deal and thus keep all the ill-gotten profits for himself. And so, Larry, aka George lives happily ever after with Kay.

Note: I Love You Again (1940) is based on the novel by Octavus Roy Cohen.

In the motion picture Kathy O’ (1958) Sam Levene as Ben Melnick says, “There’s a law against hitting actresses. Legally, they’re considered women.”

In the motion picture Masterminds (1997) Patrick Stewart as Raif Bentley says, “You know, I’m not a violent man but I really do think I’m going to have to kill someone here.”

I Love You Again - Movie Poster

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