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"Kill! Me? I am immortal, child. I am the eater of worlds, and of children. And you are next...Ha Ha! I'll drive you crazy and I'll kill you all! I'm every nightmare you've ever had! I am your worst dream come true! I'M EVERYTHING YOU EVER WERE AFRAID OF!"

It - Pennywise, the demon clown

Description: The boast of a demonic creature named Pennywise the Clown (Tim Curry) who lures children into the sewers in the TV mini-series "Stephen King's IT" (1990).

"You all taste better when you are afraid." - Pennywise the Clown

Pennywise is a terrifying white-faced clown who is actually the psychic projection of an alien creature ("IT") living in the sewers of the small 1960s town of Derry, Maine. Every 30 years the creature awakes from hibernation and lure young children to their doom.

Stephen King's IT - Pennywise the Clown lures a child to his death

"Ohh yes...They Float Georgie...They Float...and when your down here, with me...YOU FLOAT TOO!" - Pennywise the Clown

The adults of the town are aware of the creature but strangely never interfere with its feeding. Then one day, seven local 12-year-old children (dubbed "the Lucky Seven")
realize that evil lurks in their midst, and so they challenge the creature's hold on their town.

Stephen King's IT - The kids read about the evil demon

"You killed my brother George, you bastard! Let's see you now. Let's see you now. It's scared of us you know? I can feel that. I swear to God I can. I...I wanna kill it. Help me. Please help me. Help me." - Young Bill Denbrough

Pennywise the Clown killed Bill Denbrough's (Jonathan Brandis) brother, Georgie and with the help of his friends he sets out for revenge. After an initial encounter, the children believe they had defeated the creature, but thirty years later "IT" reappears and kills more children.

The murders alert town librarian Mike Hanlon (Tim Reid) - one of the former Seven - that once again "It" was alive. He quickly contacts his childhood friends and soon one-by-one they reluctantly return to their hometown to do battle. Unfortunately, Stanley (Richard Masur) - another of the former Seven - is so terrified that he commits suicide in his tub. The word "IT" spelled in blood on the bathroom's tiled wall.

Stephen King's IT - The kids, now grown, seek out the demon

Along the way, Pennywise appears to each of the surviving six and tries to scare them off. But undaunted by his attempts, the now determined adults fulfill their childhood oath to kill the creature. As a result, librarian Mike Hanlon is attacked and hospitalized.

Stephen King's IT - The monster revealed

In a final battle in the creature's subterranean lair, "IT" reveals itself as a huge insect and the remaining five adults slay the alien beast for good. Eddie Kaspbrak (Dennis Christopher) being the last casualty of the group ("IT" kills him with insect claws).

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