Black SplatJagged Edge (1985)

"Fuck him. He was trash."

Jagged Edge - Robert Loggia as Sam Ransom

Description: Robert Loggia as private eye Sam Ransom gives comfort to attorney Teddy Barnes (Glenn Close) after she is forced to kill her twisted client and former lover (Jeff Bridges) at the end of the motion picture Jagged Edge (1985).

"It was a crime so violent. A murder so well planned, that it may change as many lives as it claims. It is a man accused of murder. And the woman who must believe him. It is a trial of the heart. And a trail of deception. Columbia Pictures presents Jeff Bridges, Glenn Close. Jagged Edge." - Movie Trailer

Teddy Barnes is the former assistant of San Francisco District Attorney Thomas Krazny (Peter Coyote) who is currently charged with proving Jack Forrester (Jeff Bridges) guilty of the brutal murder of his socialite wife, Paige Forrester (Maria Mayenzet). She was found stabbed to death at her house by the beach.

Jagged Edge - Teddy Barnes and Jack Forrester in court

Jack Forrester elects to hire Teddy to defend him. It appears that Teddy had a falling out with Kranzy 10 years earlier when he withheld evidence that would have proved a client innocent. The man hung himself in his cell, and consequently, Teddy left the D.A.s office.

While Teddy prepares for the trial that is four months away, Krazny's investigators discover a possible money motive for the murder. Apparently, Jack Forrester was the direct beneficiary of all of Paige Forester's corporate and personal assets.

Al: Do you really think he could have done that to his own wife?
D.A. Krazny: What the hell is that, Al. You murder your wife to take all the money? That is the oldest crime in the world. Only you're real smart. You want people to think 'Jesus do you think he could have done that to his own wife?'. If I was going to kill my wife, that's the way I'd do it.

As the trial approaches, Teddy and Jack become lovers. A fact that complicates her ability to see the case in an objective light. Despite conflicting evidence that first makes Teddy change her mind about Jack's innocence, she defends Jack to the best of her ability, including proving a jagged-edged hunting knife believed to be Forrester's was someone else's.

In the end, Teddy's client is proven not guilty. But then Teddy finds a 1942 Corona typewriter used to create anonymous letters pertinent to proving Jack innocent. Now, Teddy knows Jack is the killer and takes the typewriter from Jack's home.

Jagged Edge - Teddy kills the intruder

When Jack learns that Teddy has the typewriter, he enters her home wearing a head stocking to kill her. But Teddy is prepared. As she lay in bed, Teddy confronts the masked man, and acknowledges that she knows it is Jack. But Jack stays silent and lunges toward her. Defending herself from the intruder, Teddy pulls out a gun hidden beneath her bed covers and fires multiple shots into his body.

Private detective Sam Ransom, who worked with Teddy during the trial arrives at her house and discovers that the man who broke in to her home was indeed Jack Forrester. Teddy is overwhelmed with guilt and grief for killing a man whom she loved and thought innocent. To comfort Teddy, Sam lifts her chin, looks into her eyes and says, "Fuck him. He was trash."

Earlier, in the case, when Teddy was sure that Jack was innocent, Sam had asked "Yeah? Is that your head talking, or another part of your anatomy?"

All of this came as no surprise to D.A. Krazny, because he had warned Teddy that Jack had manipulated evidence in his favor by sending anonymous notes that pointed to a similar crime in Santa Cruz that created an alibi of sorts for Paige's murder, but Teddy was too close to the case, and to Jack, to see the truth.

"BULLSHIT! Don't you understand what he did? He did the identical crime eighteen months before he murdered his wife! He knew it would get him off the hook! He knew Bobby Slade was seeing his wife! That's why he did the first crime in Santa Cruz! He threw us Bobby Slade as a suspect! He picked that woman very carefully! He knew she played tennis with Slade! He planned this for EIGHTEEN MONTHS! He is NOT a psychopath! He is an ICEMAN. He is a MONSTER." - D.A. Krezny

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