Black Splat Jake and the Fat Man (1987-1991)

"Fat Man"

Jake and the Fat Man - William Conrad as Jason "The Fat Man" Lockinvar McCabe

Description: William Conrad starred as Jason Lockinvar McCabe, aka the “Fat Man” (also called “Buster”), a prosecuting District Attorney who chases down criminals in Los Angeles and later Honolulu with the assistance of his partner, Jake Styles (Joe Penny) on the detective drama JAKE AND THE FAT MAN/CBS/1987-91.

J.L. McCabe lives in a large Southern California city (presumably Los Angeles) until he retires as D.A. and moves to Hawaii where he works as an undercover investigator for the Honolulu prosecutor's office. A year later, McCabe moves back to Los Angeles when J.L. is offered his old job back.

Throughout the series, McCabe is accompanied by Max, his lugubrious English bulldog whose portly presence reflects his master's own girth.

Jake and the Fat Man - JL's pet dog, Max

Note: William Conrad and his "Fat Man" character was spoofed on episode "Petarded" Season 4; Episode 5 (2005) of the cartoon series FAMILY GUY as Peter and Brian Griffin watch a TV segment of JAKE AND THE FAT MAN where McCabe is depicted as being so obese that he can barely move.

Family Guy - Spoof of TV Series 'Jake and the Fat Man'

British radio/TV personality Tom Vernon starred in a series of travelogues sponsored by PBS and Britain’s Channel 4 Television in which he was called the FAT MAN as he biked about the world in search of Epicurean delights (Food, y’all).

Jake and the Fat Man - Tom Vernon as Fat Man on a Bicycle

In 1987, FAT MAN GOES NORSE visits towns in Norway and eats smoked reindeer. In the 1990s, FAT MAN GOES GAUCHO bicycles a thousand miles and feasts on the Argentinean cowboy delicacy—fried bull's testicles...Gulp! With all of his bicycling bravado, the blimpy brit still weighed in at 250-295 pounds.

Brad Runyon (J. Scott) was the star of the radio series “The Fat Man” created by Dashiell Hammett and based on his magazine detective “The Continental Op.”

In the film Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd (1952), Charles Laughton remarks, “I hate fat people!” When reminded of his own girth, he responds, “Hate myself, too!” 

In military terms, “Fat Man” was the name bestowed on the Atomic Bomb (11 feet long by 5 feet in diameter) dropped onto the Japanese city of Nagasaki August 9th 1945. Reportedly, it was nicknamed after the British politician, Winston Churchill. Another report explains that American physicist Robert Serber said in his memoirs that the "Fat Man" bomb was named after Sydney Greenstreet's character of "Kasper Gutman" in The Maltese Falcon (1941).

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Jake and the Fat Man - TV Series Poster

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