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"I'll fucking shred you, you whore!"

Jawbreaker - Courtney threatens Vylette

Description: Rose McGowan as Courtney Shayne, a member of a group of Reagan High School students known as the "Flawless Four" roughs up her rival Vylette (aka, Fern Mayo) who threatens to spill a deep, dark secret in the motion picture Jawbreaker (1999).

Reagan High School is the feeding grounds of four privileged white teenage girls who roam the halls and terrorize, intimidate and humiliate other students who do not live up to their standards of perfection.

Jawbreaker - The Flawless Four stut their stuff

These beautiful girls are known the "Flawless Four...Everyone wanted to be them. You know 'em they went to your school too. They totally ruled."  Their clique consists of:

  • Courtney Shayne (Rose McGowan), the leader of the group called "Satan in Heels".
  • Marcie Fox (Julie Benz), Courtney's devoted minion who lives in Courtney's shadow.
  • Julie Freeman (Rebecca Gayheart), a beautiful face with a conscience.
  • Elizabeth "Liz" Purr (Charlotte Ayanna), known as the "Princess Di of Reagan High". While Courtney ruled with terror, Liz ruled with kindness. Everyone in school loved her.

As Liz's seventeenth birthday looms on the horizon, Courtney devises a plan to celebrate the day. She decides it would be "fun" to kidnap Liz from her home. And so on her birthday morn, as Liz sleeps soundly in her bed, while her parents are away, Courtney, Marcie and Julie break into Liz's home wearing black hoods and masks. They wake Liz abruptly from her slumber, jam a large jawbreaker in her mouth, slap a piece of duct tape on her face and dump Liz in the trunk of a car and speed away. The plan is to drive a while, then release Liz from the trunk and have a big laugh. Well, their harmless prank backfires when Liz chokes to death.

Jawbreaker - Courtney and friends discover a dead body

When the girls open the trunk to take a photograph of Liz's surprised face as she sees it was only her so-called friends punking her, the group gets the shock of their lives when they find their friend no longer among the living.

"Her screams were muffled by the huge candyball. She tried but there was nothing...only sugary sweet death." - Courtney

Now the first thing that comes to Courtney's mind is not the death of her friend, but what the death will do to her cherished reputation, and so she shuts the trunk, and ponders a plan to get the Flawless Four (minus one) out of trouble.

Jawbreaker - Photo of Liz kidnapped

On the drive to school, Courtney says, “We just killed our best friend! Do you realize what this means?” her co-conspirator Marcie Fox replies, “That you’re a shoo-in for prom queen?” Then Courtney orders, "You are going to walk into that school and strut your shit down the hallway like everything is peachy fuckin' keen. Get it?!!!"

Jawbreaker - The girls stage a rape

As the machinations of Courtney's devious mind click, she devises another plan to solve their current dilemma. She will take Liz's body back home, return her to bed and make it appear that she was attacked and raped by an intruder. Courtney had already made a bogus phone call earlier that day, posing as Liz's mom who told the school her daughter would not be coming to school because she was sick and so they would plenty of time to do the deed.

Jawbreaker - The arrival of Fern Mayo

Unfortunately, for Courtney and her cronies, their plan is compromised when Fern Mayo (Judy Greer), a girl sent from school with class assignments for Liz, stumbles upon the girls prepping the death scene to cover their tracks. Shocked, Fern runs away but the girls catch her. Thinking quickly, Courtney negotiates a deal with Fern. If she promises to keep their little accident quiet, Fern will replace Liz and become one of the Flawless Four.

Craving popularity, Fern accepts the deal and Courtney transforms the frumpish Fern into a gorgeous gal whom they introduce as "Vylette" to the rest of the school. Courtney reminds Vylette "You're the shadow, we're the sun" and "I made you. I am God. That is all you need to know." But soon Vylette eclipses Courtney in popularity.

Jawbreaker - Fern transformed into Vylette

Meanwhile, Julie distances herself from the clique as remorse for the act weighs heavy on her mind. She was the only one of the group who wanted to report Liz's death to the police, but Courtney had pressured her to keep her mouth quiet.

Jawbreaker - Julie confronts Courtney

Eventually, Julie summons the courage to confront Courtney about Liz's death to which Courtney concludes. "Life's a bitch and then you die. Angry, Julie responds, "No honey. You're the bitch!" Courtney then swears she will tell police detective Cruz (Pam Grier) that Julie was the one responsible for Liz's death. Julie knows that Courtney is capable of such a stunt, being the lying, conniving, manipulative bitch that she is and so Courtney backs off and stays quiet. To cover her tracks and further distance her culpability to the crime, Courtney brought a guy back to Liz's bed, and had sex to incriminate him as the rapist.

"She's so evil...and she's only in high school!" Yvlette [about Courtney]

Meanwhile, to destroy Vylette's rise in popularity Courtney and Marcie enlarge a yearbook photo of Fern and post it around the school with the message, "Who is Vylette?" Quickly, everyone in school discovers Yvlette's true identity and Fern is utterly humiliated and sent back to the shadows of anonymity ("I'm nothing. I'm shit. I'm a nobody.").

But Fern doesn't cry for long because Julie comes to your rescue with a piece of evidence that will finally knock Courtney from her pedestal of tyranny.

On the night of the senior prom, as Courtney and her date, Dane make their acceptance speech after being crowned Prom Queen and King, Julie's boyfriend Zack broadcasts a very informative message over the sound system. The message, in Courtney's own voice announces, "I killed Liz! I killed the teen dream! Deal with it!" Courtney had inadvertently recorded the message on a computer chip inside a greeting card on the day of the murder.

Jawbreaker - Courtney flees the room

Suddenly, Courtney's popularity comes tumbling down as her peers jeer ("You're gonna burn in hell! You little whore!") and throw things at her as she makes a mad dash of shame through the gym. As she nears the exit, Julie takes a snapshot to memorialize the moment when the leader of the Flawless Four finally met her match.

Note: Jawbreakers (1999) is similar to the plot of Heathers (1988), a dark comedy that portrays four girls — three of whom are named Heather — who belong to a clique at Westerburg High School in Sherwood, Ohio. In the film, 17-year-old Veronica Sawyer (Winona Ryder) unintentionally kills her best friend, Heather Chandler. One of her notible quotes from the film: "Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Do I look like Mother Teresa?"

Jawbreaker - Movie Poster

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