Black SplatJoe (1970)

"The niggers, the niggers are gettin’ all da money. Why work, tell me, why the fuck work, when you can screw, have babies, an’ get paid for it?"

Joe Curran complains about life at his local bar

Description: Peter Boyle as hard-hat bigot Joe Curran expresses racist sentiments in the motion picture Joe (1970).

Joe Curran is a New York City factory worker. He likes to mouth off about Hippies, Blacks and other Liberals, when he drops in to his neighborhood tavern.

One day, Bill Compton (Dennis Patrick), an advertising executive visits the tavern just after he kills a Hippie drug dealer. The dealer was his daughter's boyfriend who provided her with drugs that sent her to the hospital.

As Billl listens to Joe Curran complain, he likes what he hears and tells Joe that he killed a drug dealer.

At first, Joe thinks the guy is joking, but the next day he hears a news report about a drug dealer found murdered not far from the bar. Soon after, Joe, who would have liked to kill a Hippie himself, cozies up to Bill and become his friend.

Later, when Bill's daughter, Melissa (Susan Sarandon) overhears her father say he killed her boyfriend, she runs away but not before shouting,"What are you gonna do, kill me too?" Fearful for her safety, Bill and Joe team up to find her.

Along the way, Bill and Joe meet some Hippies in a downtown bar. Hoping they can help find her daughter, Bill entices them with drugs that he took from the man he killed. The Hippies invite Bill and Joe to their apartment. But instead of helping Bill and Joe, the Hippies steal the drugs, as well as Bill and Joe's wallet. Infuriated, Joe beats up a girl at the apartment and she reveals the thieves probably headed to an Commune in upstate New York.

Before heading out, Joe gathers up some rifles and ammunition ("just to scare them") and tracks down the Hippies. When Joe find the thieves, he goes ballistic, points his rifle and goes on a killing spree - shooting anyone in the Commune. Bill joins Joe and together they waste more people.

When Bill sees a young woman running away in panic, he shoots her in the back. Then he discovers the ulimate truth of his violent action. The dead girl is his daughter.

Note: The monologue below was spewed by Joe Curran on the day that Bill Compton first met Joe at the bar. It was the incendiary nature of his tirade that attracted Bill to Joe and this untimately lead to the death of his little girl.

"The niggers, the niggers are gettin’ all da money. Why work, tell me, why the fuck work, when you can screw, have babies, an’ get paid for it?"

"Welfare. They get all that money. You can get free rubbers. Think they use ‘em? Hell, no. The only way they make money is making babies. They sell their rubbers and then they use the money to buy booze. Nobody has the right to booze unless they have the money. There ought to be a law. You don’t work…you don’t drink."

Yeah, them social workers. The ones in Welfare. How come thery’re all nigger lovers. Ya know what I’m saying. All those social workers are nigger lovers. You find me a social worker who not a nigger lover and I’ll massage your ass. I sweat my balls off forty hours a week in front of a fuckin’ furnace and they get as much money as I do. For nothing. They got them living in hotels for $50 a day. A thousand dollars a month. Now they want charge accounts. Charge accounts! I ain’t never been inside Macys and they want charge accounts. All you gotta do is act black and the money rolls in. Set fire to the cities. Burn a few buildings. You get paid for it. For a few bombs, you get money and jobs. If you can’t read, you have a better chance of getting hired. A lot of good my education did me."

Joe - Joe Curran speaks his mind at a neighborhood taverm

And the kids, the white kids. They’re worse than the niggers. Money don’t mean nothin’ to them. Motocycles, Marijuana. Five dollar records. Ah, the dollar ain’t worth shit. I get a thirty cent an hour increase. …I got a kid.. Ah, screw him. I got another kid. Couldn’t get into a regular college. You want to know why.? The kid ain’t dumb. He coudln’t get into college because they let the niggers in first. …

Not like those kids in Chicago. Chicago. They got no respect for the President of the United States. A few heads get bashed in and they act like they got it in the ass. Liberals. Forty-two percent of all liberals are queer, that’s a fact. The Wallace people did a poll.

And don’t tell me about Communists. How can a kid be a Communist. Kids are idealistic. They used to be idealistic….They’re so whacked out on drugs, they have to use candles to see where they’re going.

The white kids. The rich white kids. The worst. Hippies. Sugar tit all the way. Their cars, the best colleges, vactions, orgees, Christmas, Easter, they go to some fancy place and have orgees. Easter orgees. The day Christ rose, they’re all screwing one another. And the poor kids and the middle class kids, they’re all copying the rich kids. They’re all going the same God Damned screw America way.”

After letting Joe go on and on and on with his personal opinions, the bartender at the tavern interrupts his long-winded rant, and says, "Joe, Joe, give us all a break. Can it a while. Here’s a quarter. Go play the juke box.”

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