Black SplatKill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 (2003/2004)

"I'm calling you a killer. A natural born killer. You always have been, and you always will be."

Kill Bill Vol. 2 - Assassin Bill speaks with Beatrix

Description: David Carradine as assassin Bill attempts to enlighten Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman), a former assassin - code named “Black Mamba” in the motion picture Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 (2003/2004).

A few years earlier, Bill showed up at the church where Beatrix (aka “The Bride”) was to be married, and murdered the entire wedding party.

After delivering a savage beating to The Bride, Bill shoots her in the head, but not before saying:

“Do you find me sadistic? You know, I bet I could fry an egg on your head right now, if I wanted to. You know, Kiddo, I'd like to believe that you're aware enough even now to know that there's nothing sadistic in my actions. Well, maybe towards those other...jokers, but not you. No Kiddo, at this moment, this is me at my most [cocks pistol] masochistic.”

When the authorities arrive, they discover that The Bride is still alive. The hospital induces pregnancy and Bill takes possession of the new born girl. Meanwhile, Beatrix lay in the hospital for four years.

When she awakes from her coma, Beatrix, once called "the world's most dangerous woman," sets out to find her child and to kill those involved in her wedding massacre. But, most of all, Beatrix was determined to “Kill Bill.”

Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 - Beatrix Kiddo aka, 'Black Mamba'

Beatrix Kiddo Hit List
Vernita Green, housewife (aka "Copperhead") Dead: Knife thrown into chest. Her daughter witnessed her mother's death.
O-Ren Ishii, Japanese Crime Boss (aka, "Cottonmouth") Dead: Beheaded with Samurai sword forged by Hattori Hanzō, a legendary Okinawan sword maker. Beatrix also kills Gogo Yubari, O'Ren's, sadistic 17-year-old schoolgirl bodyguard, as well as members of a masked gang of thugs called The Crazy 88, lead by Johnny Mo.
Budd, Bill's brother a bar room bouncer (aka, "Sidewinder") Dead: Bitten by poisonous black mamba snake courtesy of Elle Driver. Budd had buried Beatrix alive, but she dug herself free. Elle Driver killed Budd before Beatrix had the chance.
Elle Driver (aka, "California Mountain Snake") ????: Elle wore an eye patch over her right eye. Beatrix plucked out her left eye and then abandoned the blinded Elle in Budd's trailer with a poisonous black mamba snake slithering about. Supposedly dead, but you never know.
Bill, the leader of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (aka "Snake Charmer") Dead: No yet, but on.

At the conclusion of Kill Bill Vol 2, Bill explains to Beatrix why it was folly to try and change her life, saying:

"I'm calling you a killer. A natural born killer. You always have been, and you always will be. Moving to El Paso. Working in a used record store. Goin' to the movies with Tommy. Clipping coupons. That's you, trying to disguise yourself as a worker bee. That's you tryin' to blend in with the hive. But you're not a worker bee. You're a renegade killer bee. And no matter how much beer you drank or barbecue you ate or how fat your ass got, nothing in the world would ever change that”

After Bill delivers his speech, Beatrix kills him with a secret martial arts technique called the five-point-palm-exploding-heart technique taught to her by Master Pai Mei. Bill had described the technique years earlier:

“Quite simply, the deadliest blow in all of martial arts. He hits you with his fingertips at five different pressure points on your body. And then he lets you walk away. But after you've taken five steps, your heart explodes inside your body, and you fall to the floor, dead.”

With Bill and his team assassins dead, Beatrix retrieves her young daughter and drives into the sunset looking for a nice, quiet life, devoid of killing and mayhem.

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