Black SplatKlute (1971)

"You perverted hypocrite square bastard!"

Klute - Jane Fonda as Bree Daniels

Description: Jane Fonda as New York City prostitute Bree Daniels sizes up the sexual proclivities of John Klute (Donald Sutherland) a small town detective working on a missing persons case (John's friend) in the motion picture Klute (1971). Bree's full rant::

“Klute, tell, what’s you’re bag?” and continues her probing with, “Are you a talker, or a button man or a doubler, or maybe you like very young—children—or get your chest walked around with high heel shoes, or have us watch you tinkle. Or—You want to wear women’s clothes or you get off ripping things—you perverted hypocrite square bastard.”

John Klute came to the Big Apple to find his friend Tom Gruneman. His only clue was a connection to Bree Daniels. And so like any good private eye, John starts to ask questions. To get Bree to cooperate, John bugs her phone and uses the information to blackmail her into helping him disover the whereabouts of his friend.

John Klute Miss Daniels, can I ask you some questions now?
Bree Daniel: You bastard! Is this a shakedown, hon'? 'Cause you picked a loser, I don't have it.
John Klute: I'm looking for Tom Gr...
Bree Daniel:

Jesus, do you think I'd still be living in this kip if I was still in the line fulltime? I'd be back on Park Avenue.

John Klute: Can I ask you some questions?
Bree Daniel: Or you'll have me thrown back in the brig, you mean.

During the investigation, Bree offer John some sexual favors. John refuses, ("Men would pay $200 for me, and here you are turning down a freebie. You could get a perfectly good dishwasher for that") but Bree eventually seduces John, and later says, "Don't feel bad about losing your virtue. I sort of knew you would."

Klute- Bree Daniels with her Psychologist

Speaking to her psychogist about her life as a hooker, Bree reveals, “I was trying to get away from a world I had known...and found myself looking up its ass.”

When Bree is with a client she is proud to say, "For an hour... for an hour, I'm the best actress in the world, and the best fuck in the world." But, although she may shout phrases like "Oh my angel! Oh my angel!" in the midst of sexual arousal, at the same time, she is not beneath looking at her wrist watch.

With help from Bree, John learned that his friend, Tom Gruneman was killed by a man named Pete Cable, a business partner who had killed a call girl in a fit of rage (and who was stalking Bree). Tom discovered the dead girl who had hit her head as she fell. Cable confesses to Bree why he killed Tom: "It was the revulsion and the contempt that I saw in his face. And the certainty that sooner or later he would use it against me within the company. And I tried to endure that as long as I possibly could." It turns out that Peter Cable hired John to investigate Tom's death, in an effort to clean up any loose ends in the case. He was even ready to kill John, if need be.

Klute- Bree Daniels  and John Klute in Bed

In the beginning of the film, Bree said to John, "You're not gonna get hung up on me, are you?" But ironically, in the end, Bree falls in love with that very same "square" private dick. Bree never wanted to a hooker, but she hired herself out to escape the numbness of her own life.

Klute - Movie Poster

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