Black SplatLast Action Hero (1993)

"No sequel for you!"

Last Action Hero - Jack Slater kills Benedict

Description: Arnold Schwarzenegger revokes a comic book villain’s franchise in the action adventure Last Action Hero (1993).

In the film, young Danny Madigan (Austin O’Brien) is given a magic ticket by Nick the Projectionist (Robert Prosky) to the new Jack Slater action adventure film. Danny has seen all of Slater’s film and can’t wait to see his latest (4th) film.

While watching the movie, Danny is miraculously transported into Slater’s movie world when a dynamite explosion on the theater's screen blows Danny into the movie itself.

Slater: Who the hell are you?
Danny: Don't shoot me. I'm Danny Madigan. I'm a kid.

Unfortunately, movie hit man Benedict (Charles Dance) steals the magic ticket and enters Danny’s world. Realizing the bad guys in Danny’s reality can actually win, Benedict sets out to kill the actor who plays Jack Slater. Consequently, Danny and the movie version of Jack Slater travel back to the real world to thwart Benedict's plan.

During one encounter, Benedict threatens to feed Jack Slater to guard dogs: “I snap my fingers and sometime tomorrow you emerge from several canine rectums.”

In a final confrontation Jack Slater (from the movie world) kills Benedict, but not before saying, “No sequel for you!”

Note: During one of Jack Slater’s movie trailers, Jack Slater [as Hamlet] intones, “Hey Claudius, You killed my father! Big Mistake!” The narrator interjects, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, and Hamlet is taking out the Trash.” Jack Slater concludes, “To be or not to be?...Not to be!”

In the Wes Craven film Scream (1996) Sydney (Neve Campbell) stands over the body of a subdued serial killer. “Careful this is the part when the killer comes back to life," says a friend. As the killer awakens, Sydney pulls the trigger, shots him in the head and says, “Not in my movie!”

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