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Late Show with David Letterman - Top Ten List

Description: Each installment of the late night talk show LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN/CBS/1993+ features host David Letterman reading his “Top Ten List” prepared from the Home Office in Wahoo, Nebraska (location of the home office changes from time to time).

The list’s general intent is to lampoon, insult or gently poke fun at persons, places and things (for example: politicians, celebrities, fads and trends).

Some examples of the Top Ten list:

  • Top Ten Bob Dole Excuses (#10. “Shouldn't have taken time away from campaign to father Madonna’s baby”...#1. “In retrospect, was a mistake to be cranky old bastard”);
  • Top Ten Elf Pet Peeves (#10. “After too much eggnog, Mrs. Clause is all hands”...#1. “Health plan doesn’t cover sleigh rash.”)
  • Top Ten Things You Don't Want To Hear At A Barbecue (#10."We're out of charcoal-- light up a tire" ...#1."Please, mom, put your top on")
  • Top Ten Other Odd Presidential Auction Items (#10. George Washington's wooden tongue"...#1. "Lyndon Baines' Johnson")
  • Top Ten Things You Don't Want To Hear In A Fast Food Restaurant (#10."We're out of meat -- Someone run to the zoo" ...#1."My sandwich is giving me the finger.")
  • Top Ten Surprising Facts About Advertising Characters (#10. "T he 'E' in Chuck E. Cheese stands for E. Coli."....#!. The 'Where's the beef' lady's last words were "Where's the nurse?")
  • Top Ten Signs You're A Terrible Singer ("#10. "Your CD is in a bin labeled, "Crap for a Quarter"...#1. "Instead of iTunes, you're on iSuck")
  • Top Ten Surprising Facts About the Moon Landing (#10. "Was filmed on the same sound stage where they shot GREEN ACRES."... #1. "Neil Armstrong was also the first man on Mrs. Armstrong ")
  • Top Ten Tax Tips (#10. "IRS deadlines are just suggestions. File your taxes whenever you want."...#1. "Take it from me, prison's not so bad.")
  • Top Ten Rejected Major League Baseball Slogans (#10. "The Fastest Four Hours In Sports."...#1. "A Scratching, Spitting, Ass-Slapping Good Time")
  • Top Ten Little Known Facts About United States Presidents (#10. "William Howard Taft was so fat, he's considered our 27th and 28th president."... #1. "George W. Bush was not born in the United States.")
  • Top Ten Signs Your Weather Forecaster Is Losing It (#10. "You live in Massachusetts, his forecast is for Mississippi."...#1. "Most days, his forecast is "Cloudy with a chance of who gives a rat's ass.")

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