Black SplatThe Law and Jake Wade (1958)

"Do you want to die now, or in a few minutes?"

The Law and Jake Wade - Richard Widmard as Outlaw Clint Hollister

Description: Nefarious request uttered by Richard Widmark as outlaw Clint Hollister in the western movie The Law and Jake Wade (1958).

In the film, former outlaw Jake Wade (Robert Taylor) has gone straight and is now the marshal of a small frontier town. Howver, when he gets wind that his old outlaw buddy Clint Hollister is being held in a prison, he arranges a jail break to pay Clint back for an old debt.

But Clint wants more that his freedom and kidnaps Jake's girlfriend, Peggy Carter (Patricia Owens) to coerce Jake into taking him to the location of the buried loot ($20,000) that Clint and Jake had stolen from a previous bank job. Along the way, a band of Comanche Indians helps thin out Clint's gang of outlaws as they travel to where the money is stashed.

When they arrive at their destination, Clint forces Jake to dig up the cache of ill-gotten booty. As Jake digs, Clint taunts Jake to make an escape, and says, “Now there’s the chance you’ve been waiting for, Jake. The only question is. Do you want to die now, or in a few minutes?”

The Law and Jake Wade - Marshal Jake Wade shoots oulaw Clint Hollister

Wade, however, gets the better of Clint when he pulls out a gun buried with the money and in a face-to-face gunfight, Wade wins the fast draw as Hollister bites the dust.

The Law and Jack Wade - Movie Poster

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