Black SplatThe Lemon Drop Kid (1951)

"You have the money for me by Christmas Eve, or Christmas morning you’ll find your head in a Christmas stocking.”

The Lemon Drop Kid starring Bob Hope - The Kid with Mr. Moran

Description - Fred Clark as gangster Moose Moran intimidates a racetrack gambler into a prompt payment schedule in the motion picture The Lemon Drop Kid (1951).

"The Kid" (Bob Hope) owes Mr. Moran $10,000 and he sends his hoods to find “The Kid” and bring him to his luxurious home for a talk. “The Kid” tries to save his skin, and says, “Look Moose, all I’ve got is 15 cents and a box of Lemon Drops.” Pleading, he promises to have Moran’s money by Christmas.

Moran tells "The Kid" that he will be in New York for the holidays and that the money better be paid or there will be “deadly” consequences” - for as Moran said, “Trying to make me a sucker can be very painful.”

Moran also warns “The Kid” not to run because he will find him no matter where he goes. "The Kid" shakes his head and replies, “I hear you can find people so good that after you find them no body else can find them.”

The Lemon Drop Kid - Movie Poster

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