Black SplatLilies of the Field (1963)

"You sound like one of them old war movies. A regular Hitler."

Lilies of the Field - Sidney Poitier as Homer Smith Complaining to Mother Maria

Description: Sidney Poitier as Homer Smith, a black handyman complains to his employer in motion picture Lilies of the Field (1963).

In the film, Homer Smith drives west searching for employment. When his car overheats, he pulls into a small Arizona farning settlement run by a group of nuns who had recently escaped East Germany. When Homer asks for some water for his beat-up station wagon, Mother Maria (Lila Skala) believes that Homer's arrival is fortuitous, (a sign from God) and so Homer is "volunteered" into building a new chapel in the desert. With his fate decided, Homer says, "I'm gonna' build me a chapel."

After a few days, Homer (called "Schmidt" by Mother Maria) gets tired of being ordered about by the bossy nun and complains to Mother Maria:

“You know that stuff you wear? You think it’s a uniform that makes you some kind of cop, or something, laying down the law. Throwing your weight around. You sound like one of them old war movies. A regular Hitler.”

At dinner time, Homer hears a bell ringing and his name ("Schmidt! Schmidt!"), and says, "Mother is gonna feed the slaves."

The day after a fiesta, Mother Maria throws a cup of cold water into Homer's face to wake him up. He asks, "Why'd you go and do that?" Mother Maria replies, "The women last night, they say that is the only thing when a man has been mixing wine with tequila!" As the nun walks away, Homer mumbles, " I'm gonna mix you with tequila!"

After being called a Gringo by a local Mexican, Homer ponders, "Gringo? I don't know if that's a step up or a step down from some other things I've been called."

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