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"FEED me! FEED me!"

The Little Shop of Horrors - Seymour feeds his plant

Description: The ravenous cry of an Audrey Junior, the flesh-eating plant created by Seymour Krelboyne (Jonathan Haze) in the classic horror motion picture The Little Shop of Horrors (1960).

Seymour Krelboyne works as a florist's assistant at Mr. Mushnick's Floral shop located in the skid-row area of a big city. When he crosses a Venus Fly trap with a butterwort, he unwittingly creates a plant that feeds exclusively on human blood.

At first, Seymour nourishes his plant with the typical plant foods and fertilizers but it fails to thrive, but when Seymour pricks his finger on a thorn and a drop of his blood falls on his plant, it begins to grow. Thereafter, when the plant is hungry it cries, "FEED me!, FEED me!"

At first, Seymour milks his fingers for blood to feed his fledgling flower, but eventually, Seymour needs for find another source of blood. He finds it when he accidentally throws a rock and kills a man by the railroad tracks. Seymour feeds the man's corpse to his plant, which then grows much larger.

The Little Shop of Horrors - Local teenagers admire Audrey Junior

Seymour's plant comes to the attention of Mr. Gravis Mushnick (Mel Welles) and soon the strange object begins to attract more and more customers as they visit the florist shop to see what is now called Audrey Junior. Seymour named the plant in honor of his sweet friend and co-worker Audrey Fulquard (Jackie Joseph).

Overtime, two police investigators, Joe Fink (Wally Campo) and Frank Stoolie (Jack Warford) begin to snoop around the neighborhood as they investigate the disappearance of a number of people, whom Seymour has fed to his plant.

The Little Shop of Horrors - Seymour feeds a body into his hungry plant

One night, Mr. Mushnick observes Seymour feeding a body part to the plant, but he doesn't want to kill the cash cow that is bringing more customer to his shop so he keeps quiet. He even helps out by feeding a criminal to the plant, who entered the store to rob it. He tells the crook that he keeps his money inside the mouth of the plant, and of course, Audrey gets a free meal in the bargain.

Another corpse came courtesy of Dr. Phobeus Farb (John Shaner), a sadist dentist whom Seymour visited when he had a toothache. Seymour stabbed the dentist as he tried to stop the doctor from hurting him.

The Little Shop of Horrors - Seymour plays dentist

After he killed Dr. Farb, Wilbur Force (Jack Nicholson), a masochistic patient in the waiting room mistakes Seymour for the dentist and insists that he pull his tooth. "No novocaine. It dulls the senses," requested the man. Reluctantly, Seymour yanks on the man’s molars. When the patient shrieks in pain, Seymour immediately stops. But instead of complaining of the pain, the masochistic patient cries, “Oh my God, don’t stop now!”

Everthing was going great for Seymour and Mr. Mushnick. Audrey Junior was becoming more popular, the store was making more money, a bunch of high school girls wanted feature Audrey on a parade float, and their strange, exotic planted earned the interest of Mrs. Hortense Fishtwanger (Lynn Storey), from the Society of Silent Flower Observers of Southern California who visits the shop and admires Audrey Junior. Her organization wants to award Seymour a trophy, which they will present the following night when the plant's large buds are scheduled to open. At this point, Audrey Junior is seven feet tall.

Seymour: I'm getting pretty tired of you.
Audrey Jr.: I need food!
Seymour: I don't care what you need. Look what you've done, you not only made a butcher out of me but you drove my girl away.
Audrey Jr.: Shut up and bring on the food!

By now, all the killing is getting to Seymour, and he refuses to feed the plant anymore. Suddenly, the plant exhibits a strange ability and hypnotizes Seymour to do his bidding and so he goes to the streets and finds a call girl, whom he slays and feeds to Audrey Junior.

The next day, the representatives from the floral society arrive in the shop to give Mr. Mushnick a trophy and await the unfolding of large blossoms that are about to bloom on Audrey Junior. But when the blossoms open, the faces of the people murdered to feed the plant appear within the flower buds. The police recognize the images as the missing people in the neighborhood. To prevent capture, Seymour flees from the floral shop. In close pursuit are the police and Mr. Mushnick. Luckily, Seymour eludes capture and returns to the floral shop to exact his revenge.

Frustrated with the plant’s constant cry of “Feed me!”, Seymour shouts, “You dirty rat plant, you messed up my whole life!” Seymour grabs a knife and climbs into the plant to cut it to pieces, but in the end, the plant eats Seymour to satisfy its hunger. When Mr. Mushnick and the others return to the shop another blossom opens to reveal the face of one Seymour Krelboyne.

The Little Shop of Horrors - Audrey Junior reveals a new blossom

Note: In the musical remake Little Shop of Horrors (1986) starring Rick Moranis as Seymour Krelborn, Audrey II is the by-product of an alien seed falling from space and nurtured by Seymour to become a huge, bloodthirsty plant that threatens to take over the planet.

The Little Shop of Horrors - Seymour admires his new plant

Audrey II: [singing] I got killer buds / A power stem / Nasty pods / And I'm using them! / So better move 'em out / Nature calls / You got my pun? / I'm gonna bust your balls!

Little Shop of Horrors - Audrey II speaks with Seymour

Bill Murray played the role of the masochistic patient Arthur Denton. He tells his sadistic dentist Orin Scrivello (Steve Martin), “I think I need a root canal. I definitely need a long, slow root canal.”

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