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"I am sick to death of straight people."

Love! Valour! Compassion - Buzz Hauser hates straight people

Description: Comment of Buzz Hauser (Jason Alexander) in the motion picture Love! Valour! Compassion! (1997).

Buzz Hauser, an HIV-positive gay man, is invited to spend the summer at a secluded home in upstate New York along with seven other homosexual friends. One night, as Buzz stands in the kitchen chatting with one the other guests, Buzz offers this opinion of the other side:

“I am sick to death of straight people. Tell the truth, aren’t you? There’s just too goddamn many of them. I was in a bank the other day; they were everywhere—writing checks, making deposits. Two of them were applying for a mortgage. It’s disgusting! They’re taking over. No one wants to talk about it, but it’s true.”

Buzz also puts-down broadway plays. For example: “Just once I’d like to see a West Side Story where everybody gets it; the Jets and the Sharks, and Officer Krupke; or a Sound of Music where the entire Von Trapp family dies in a horrible alpine avalanche; or A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum where nothing happens, and it’s not funny.”

Some more of his broadway related quotes: "I have terrible news! THE FANTASTICKS is closing!" and "I don't date dancers. It's very simple, I've made it a rule: Dancers don't want to date me, so...fuck 'em!"

Note: In the film The Opposite of Sex (1998) Lisa Kudrow as Lucia Delury confesses to her friend Bill Truitt (Martin Donovan) “That’s how I always felt around you too, like the Baroness in The Sound of Music. While everybody's just singing and climbing an Alp. And I just wanna STUFF THAT GUITAR UP THAT NUN'S ASS! And...ugh!”

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