Black SplatA Low Down Dirty Shame (1994)

"Brother, you better show me some tits or die!"

A Low Down Dirty Shame - Shame is shocked to find a gay man in bed with him

Description: Keenan Ivory Wayans as private eye Andre Shame gets the shock of his life when wakes up next to a friend’s gay roommate (Corwin Hawkins) in the motion picture A Low Down Dirty-Shame (1994). After the misunderstanding is explained, Shame huffs, "I'll go take me a shower and pretend that I didn't wake up in The Crying Game!"

"They call him Shame. He's a private investigator who just wants to leave his past behind. But his past is about to catch up with him. Now he's got something to prove. Someone to protect. A new partner to break in. And some occupational hazards to avoid. When it comes to stopping criminals some cops do it by the book, but he's no cop. He's a Low Down Dirty Shame." - Film Trailer

Shame lives in Los Angeles and owns a not-so-successful private investigation firm. His assistant is Peaches Jordan (Jada Pinkett), a sassy, outspoken, lover of TV soaps whose had a crush on her employer since she wore a training bra.

A Low Down Dirty Shame - Drug bust newspaper articles

Shame was a police detective, but he lost his job when a drug bust went bad, people died and $20 million in drug money disappeared. Now he tries to eek out a living by taking on suicide jobs just to make a buck.

A Low Down Dirty Shame - Shame and Peaches catch the bad guys

During one case, Peaches poses a hotel housekeeper and pushes a housecleaning cart into the room while some criminals having a meeting. Suddenly, Shame pops out of the cart, takes the crooks by surprise and warns, "You guys don't want to mess with me. I just got fired from the post office and I could flip out and kill everybody in this room."

Earlier, Peaches barged into a hotel room and spots a man on a toilet. The hotel guest shouts, "EXCUSE you know how to spell do not disturb". Peaches replies, "Do you know how to spell Lysol, god damn you better check your pulse you might be dead".

"You two-timing bastard! I hope your prostate falls out!" - Peaches [watching her favorite TV soap opera]

One day, Agent Sonny Rothmiller (Charles S. Dutton) Shame's former LAPD associate, who is now working for the DEA, informs Shame the drug case that ruined his career has been re-opened and he needs Shame to find $20 million in stolen drug money believed to be in the hands of Mendoza (Andrew Divoff), a drug lord thought dead but who is alive and kicking in L.A. Also in the hands of the drug lord is Shame's former lover, Angela (Salli Richardson) who is working as a federal witness against the notorious crime boss.

The case is too interesting to refuse and so Shame agrees to help. And, of course, his efforts will help clear his name and pay the bills.

"Kicking butt always makes me hungry" - P.I. Andre Shame

Driving a black Lincoln convertible (license: LOWDOWN1), Shame encounters drooling attack dogs which he tames by singing lyrics from a James Brown song, bungee jumps off the balcony of a hotel just as an explosion rips though the place, and finds himself in the middle of a neo-Nazi rally and chased down the street by skinheads.

"Shame might be soft on you, but I can see through all that Maybelline. And you ain't nothin' but a gold-diggin' skank, tryin' to get a man for all he's worth. You hurt Shame again, you betta watch yo' back!" - Peaches [to Angela]

A Low Down Dirty Shame - Shame and Angela

Shame finds Angela, who tries to seduce him. But when Mendoza threatens the life of Peaches, Shame chooses to leave Angela and heads out to save his sidekick's life. As he departs the bedroom where they were about to make love, Angela says, “Shame, just promise me you’ll smoke his ass.” Shame answers, “Like a motherfucking pack of Kools.”

A Low Down Dirty Shame - Mendoza fights with Shame

In the end, Shame captures Mendoza, but Salli kills the drug kingpin, takes the money for herself and then threatens to kill Shame. Luckily, she is thwarted by Peaches, who whoops her ass with a few select Karate kicks.

Earlier, Angela had killed Agent Rothmiller who also wanted the drug money. She offered to have sex with the man, but when he declined ("I think I'll pass.") she pulls out a gun, shoots him, and says, "Suit yourself. How do you think about yourself now, stupid motherfucker? You could've had some pussy."

A Low Down Dirty Shame - Movie Poster

A Low Down Dirty Shame - Movie Poster

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