Black SplatThe MacKintosh Man (1973)

"You think they can swim?"

The Mackintosh Man - Reardon and Mrs. Smith

Description: Question posed by Mrs. Smith (Dominque Sanda) in the espionage thriller The Mackintosh Man (1973).

In the film, Joseph Readen (Paul Newman) works for British Intelligence. He goes undercover as an Australian speaking convict to uncover a Communist traitor, but first he pulls a (fake) diamond heist, gets thrown in prison, serves 15 months and then escapes along with Slade (Ian Bannen) a convicted KGB mole, who later is linked to Sir George Wheeler MP (James Mason) in the House of Commons, the real traitor to his country.

During all the intrigue, Mackintosh (Harry Andrews), the man who masterminded the entire undercover affair, is run over by a car - a car sent by Wheeler.

In the finale, Reardon and his female compatriot, Mrs. Smith travel to Valetta on the Isle of Malta. Caught in a Mexican standoff with Slade, Wheeler and Rearden, Mrs. Smith ( Mackintosh's daughter) intervenes and gets her revenge by shooting Slade and Wheeler dead.

At one point in the film, thugs pursue Rearden and Mrs. Smith, along the rough coastal roads. In a fast and slippery car chase, Rearden out-maneuvers the bad guys and forces their white Mercedes Benz off a cliff into the murky surf below.

Peering down the rocky precipice, Mrs. Smith asks, “You think they can swim?” Rearden replies, “I hardly think that matters.”

Note: The Mackintosh Man is based on Desmond Bagley's novel "The Freedom Trap."

In the film The Addams Family (1991) when two people are blown from the Addams’ mansion into an open grave in the family’s cemetery, Pugsley asks, “Are they dead?” His sister, Wednesday replies, “Does it matter?”

The Mackintosh Man - Movie Poster

The Mackintosh Man - Movie Poster

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