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Old Leadbottom

Captain Binghamton - McHale's Navy

Description - On the WWII military comedy MCHALE’S NAVY/ABC/1962-66 the rowdy crew of the PT Boat #73 stationed on the South Seas island of Taratupa nicknamed Captain Wallace B. Binghamton (Joe Flynn) “Old Lead Bottom” because he was constantly plotting (unsuccessfully) to get Lt. Cdr. Quinton McHale (Ernest Borgnine) and his con-artist crew members transferred from his command. Binghamton referred to McHale's crew as a "bunch of pirates."

Old Lead Bottom's favorite sayings:

  • “What, What, What!”
  • “Somebody up there, hates me!”
  • "Why me? Why me?”

McHale's Navy TV Show

McHales Navy - TV Series Title Credit

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