Black SplatMidnight Cowboy (1969)

"That’s faggot stuff!"

Midnight Cowboy - Ratso says "That's Faggot Stuff"

Description: Dustin Hoffman as New York City street hustler Enrico "Ratso" Rizzo educates Joe Buck (John Voight), a naive male hooker in the motion picture Midnight Cowboy (1969).

Joe Buck has just arrived in the Big Apple from Texas. To survive, he sells his body to anyone with the money. When a potential customer asks if Joe Buck is a real cowboy, Joe replies, "Uh, well, sir, I ain't a f'real cowboy. But I am one helluva stud!"

Alone in the big city, Joe Buck befriends "Ratso" Rizzo, a fellow street hustler who tries to help Joe get more clients. As a suggestion, he tells Joe that his outfit is not exactly what most people are looking when it comes to a roll in the hay. "No rich lady with any class at all," says Rizzo, "buys that cowboy crap anymore. They're laughing at you on the street...I know enough to know that great big dumb cowboy crap don‘t appeal to no one except every Jackey on Forty Second Street. That's faggot stuff! You wanna call it by its name? That's strictly for fags!”

Joe objects, saying, “John Wayne, You gonna tell me he's a fag? I like the way I look. It makes me feel good. It does. And women like me, god-dammit. Hell, the only one thing I've ever been good for is lovin'. Women go crazy for me. That's a really true fact."

One of Joe's first clients was a woman named Cass (Sylvia Miles) who didn't realize she was a client. As she was about to leave her apartment, Joe attempts to get paid for his sexual services. Astonished, Cass freaks out and shouts:

Midnight Cowboy - Cass Shouts at Joe Buck

“You were gonna ask me for money? Who the hell do you think you’re dealing with, some old slut on 42nd Street? In case you didn’t happen to notice it, ya, you big Texas longhorn bull, I’m one hellavah gorgeous chick! You heard it. Your twenty-eight years old. You think you can come up here and pull that kind of crap up here? Well you're out of your mind. I could kill you with my bare hands. Will you get out of here!”

Eventually, Rizzo's health gets worse and the two hustlers travel south. Buying bus tickets, Ratso and Joe leave the cold, dreary streets of New York City and journey thirty-one hours to Miami Beach, Florida to find a gentler way of life.

Along the way Rizzo tells Buck, "I'm wet. I wet my pants. The seat is all wet. Here I am, goin' to Florida, my leg hurts, my butt hurts, my chest hurts, my face hurts, and like that ain't enough, I gotta pee all over myself." John laughs. "That's funny? asks, Rizzo, "I'm fallin' apart here!" Joe smiles at his friend, and says, "You just - you know what happened? You just took a little rest stop that wasn't on the schedule!"

As they near their destination, Joe says:

"Hey, you know, Ratso, Rico, I mean. I got this damn thing all figured out. When we get to Miami, what I'm gonna do is get some sort of job, you know? Cause hell, I ain't no kind of hustler. I mean there must be an easier way to make a living than that. Some sort of outdoors work? What do you think. Yeah, that's what I'll do. Okay, Rico?"

Midnight Cowboy - Rizzo Dies on the Bus

Sadly, Rizzo dies on the bus just as they approach the warmth of a promised land that fulfills Rizzo's two basic items necessary to sustain life - "sunshine and coconut milk."

NOTE: In the movie Running Scared (2006), a character named Oleg Yugorsky (Cameron Bright) says, "John Wayne was a faggot."

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