Black SplatMonkey Business (1952)

"You peroxide kissing bug!"

Monkey  Business - Ginger Rogers, Cary Grant and Marilyn Monroe

Description: Ginger Rogers as Edwina Fulton threatens bombshell Lois Laurel (Marilyn Monroe) in the motion picture Monkey Business (1952).

In the film, Cary Grant as Professor Barnaby Fulton, a research chemist is searching for a formula (an elixor of youth) when he stumbles upon a chemical concoction that makes him feel younger. As he reports:

At 11:52 this morning I took a dose of the formula, and in a few minutes, I began to behave like a college boy with 20/20 vision and no bursitis."

Later that day, Esther, one of the chimps in Fulton's laboratory pours the youth formula in the office water cooler. Thereafter, anyone drinking the water began to regress and act younger.

When the professor's wife, Edwina downs some of the water, she regresses to the stage of a precocious teenager. This makes her highly emotional, especially jealous. Soon after, her husband drinks the water and, filled with the energy of much younger man, he invites Lois Laurel to take a drive in his convertible.

But when Mrs. Edwina Fulton suspects that her husband's attractive assistant, Lois Laurel is a threat to her marriage, Edwina becomes overly-excited and tries to pull the girl's "peroxide blonde" hair out. Luckily, her husband is there to restrain her unusual behavior.

Lois: Hi, Dr Fulton.
Barnaby: Hi.
Edwina: What did you say to her?
Lois: Mrs. Fulton. He said, "Hi."
Edwina: I heard what he said, you peroxide kissing bug!
Barnaby: Edwina, she hasn't done anything.
Edwina: I'll pull that blonde hair out by its black roots!
Barnaby: Edwina! Now come along. Miss Laurel, you keep out of the way.
Edwina: Put 'em up! Put 'em up! Put 'em up!

Note: Other movies with life changing potions: The Nutty Professor starring Jerry Lewis, and Love Potion Number 9 starring Sandra Bullock.

Monkey Business - Movie Poster

Monkey Business - Movie Poster

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