Black SplatMouseHunt (1997)

"He’s Hitler with a tail. He’s ‘The Omen’ with whiskers. Even Nostradamus didn’t see him coming!"

Mousehunt - Ernie and Lars Smuntz caught in a trap

Description: Nathan Lane as Ernie Smuntz sizes up a pint-size mouse who wreaks havoc to his house in the motion picture MouseHunt (1997).

Lars (Lee Evans) and Ernie Smuntz are the sons of Rudolf Smuntz (William Hickey), the owner of an out-dated string factory and a debt-ridden mansion. When their father dies, (his motto: "A world without string is chaos.") Zeppco International offers to buy the factory from Lars. But Lars waxes sentimental and refuses to sell when he remembers a pledge he made to his father to never sell it.

Upon inspecting the mansion, Lars and Ernie find blueprints that reveal the building was built in 1876 by the famous architect Charles Lyle LaRue. When a wealthy collector of La Rue memorabilia offers to buy the mansion, the boys refuse, but instead, decide to restore the historical structure themselves and reap the rewards of a higher profit. But the boys do have one problem. They need to pay off the existing mortgage.

Currently, both Lars and Ernie are without a place to live and so they move into the mansion and begin to restore it. Lars was thrown out of his house by his money-hungry wife April (Vicki Lewis) when she learned he refused to sell the mansion, and Ernie loses his five-star restaurant (Chez Ernie) when Mayor McKrinkle accidentally eats a cockroach, has a heart attack and dies in Ernie's establishment

As they go about fixing up the place, the brothers discover an unwanted house guest...a tiny mouse. And so begins their attempts to eradicate the rodent.

"I'm gonna blow his furry little head off, and I'm gonna splatter his devious little mouse brain from here to kingdom come!" - Ernie Smuntz

Mousehunt - Catzilla

At first, Lars and Ernie use the typical remedies to kill a mouse, using traps and cheese, but when that fails, they buy a viscous cat ("Catzilla") from the animal shelter to do the job, but the mouse traps the cat in a dumbwaiter, gnaws on the support rope and sends the cat to the bottom of the shaft where it dies from the fall. The brothers soon learn they are not dealing with an ordinary mouse.

Lars: I don't believe it. He snapped the trap, ate the olive and left the pit just to mock us!
Ernie: I think you're giving him a little too much credit. Mice don't mock. They don't have a sense of humor or irony. He's not sitting in his hole in a smoking jacket sipping cognac, and giggling to himself, "I left the pit!" The trap snapped itself, the olive flew off and he ate it. It's just that simple. But now that he knows we're here, he won't come within a mile of us. I don't think we'll be seeing any more of that...[sees mouse in cereal bowl] MOUSE!

Mousehunt - Mr. Caesar hunts for the mouse

Next, the boys hire Mr. Caesar (Christopher Walken), an eccentric exterminator who guarantees to remove the rodent from the house, but the seemingly indestructible mouse is so elusive it drives the man insane and he is taken away by paramedics.

Eventually, Lars and Ernie accidentally catch the mouse when it is knocked out by a errant orange toss. As they view the unconscious mouse, all helpless and pathetic, the homeowners can't find the heart to kill the tiny creature, ("Look at him just lying there. It just doesn't feel very sportsmanlike!") but they really want to rid of the rodent, so they stick it in a box and mail it to Fidel Castro in Havana, Cuba ("Aw... I forgot to put holes in the box."). Sadly, for the boys, the package is returned due to insufficient postage and the mouse once again takes up residence at the mansion.

Meanwhile Lars has reconciled with his wife and she pays off the mortgage allowing them to put the restored mansion up for auction. But when the boys realize the mouse is in the house again, they try to flush it out of a hole in the wall. But so much water is pumped into the walls, the mansion collapses and all of those in attendance at the auction within are washed into the street. Consequently, Lars and Ernie lose the $25 million bid offered for the mansion.

Dejected and homeless, Lars and Ernie move in to the dilapidated factory left to them by their father. And who should they find but their nemesis the mouse. But in the end, the mouse inspires them to reopen the factory and manufacture "string" cheese. So, everyone lives happily ever after. Even the once grim portrait of their father sports a happy grin.

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