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"Say your goddamn pronouns!"

Murder by Death - Truman Capote as Lionel Twain

Description - Truman Caopte as Lionel Twain who gets upset at people who butcher the English language in Neil Simon's murder mystery spoof Murder by Death (1976).

In the film, Lionel Twain invites five of the world's greatest literary detectives to his remote castle to solve a murder that has not happened yet. The guests included: Sidney Wang from China (Peter Sellers), Dick Charleston (David Niven) from New York, Jessica Marbles ( Elsa Lanchester) from England, Milo Perrier (James Coco) from Belgium and Sam Diamond (Peter Falk) from San Francisco.

After making a surprise entrance, Twain declares he is the world's greatest criminologist and sets a $1 million dollar challenge to his guests to prove him wrong. He blocks all the windows and doors to make sure everyone plays along with his plan.

When Sidney Wang stands and asks, "What meaning of this, Mr. Twain?" Lionel is angered at Wang's inability to speak proper English, and replies, "I will tell you, Mr. Wang, if YOU can tell ME why a man who possesses one of the most brilliant minds of this century can't say his "prepositions" or "articles!" "What IS THE," Mr. Wang! "What IS THE meaning of this?" Uneffected, Wang replies, "That what I said! 'What meaning of this?' "

Murder by Death - Truman Capote as Lionel Twain

As Lionel walks about the table discussing his plan, Wang says, "Left out one small detail, Mr Twain. Who victim." Lionel corrects Wang shouting, "IS THE! IS THE! Who IS THE victim? That drives me crazy."

Later, Twain disappears and detective Milo Perrier wonders, "What do you make of all of this, Wang?" Wang replies, "Is confusing." Suddenly, Twain's voice spills from a moose head screaming, "IT! IT! is confusing! Say your goddamn pronouns!"

Murder by Death - Lionel Twain speaking via Moose Head

Lionel Twain also gave his opinion on mystery novels when he said:

"You’ve tricked and fooled your readers for years. You’ve tortured us all with surprise endings that made no sense. You’ve introduced characters in the last five pages that were never in the book before. You’ve withheld clues and information that made it impossible for us to guess who did it. But now, the tables are turned. Millions of angry mystery readers are now getting their revenge. When the world learns I’ve outsmarted you, they’ll be selling your $1.95 books for twelve cents.”

Murder by Death - Movie Poster

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