Black SplatMurphy's Law (1986)

"The only law I know is 'Jack Murphy's law'. It's very simple. Don't 'fuck' with Jack Murphy. Remember that."

Murphy's Law - Charles Bronson as Jack Murphy

Description: Charles Bronson as Jack Murphy, an antisocial, alcoholic Los Angeles police detective in the motion picture Murphy’s Law (1986).

As Jack roams the streets of Los Angeles, he deals with all sorts of hoodlums and punks who frequently dish him up a heapin' helpin' of disrespect. One such punk is Arabella McGee, a rowdy 14-year-old street punk whose foul mouth unleashes all sorts of nasty phrases including:

  • "Suck a doorknob, you homo!"
  • "You're welcome, dildo-nose."
  • "Kiss my panty hose, sperm bank."
  • "Why don't you watch your asshole, asshole."
  • "Hey, pubic hair, I'm talking to you!"
  • "What took you so long, butt crust?"
  • "You snot-looking, scrotum-cheek, donkey breath"

Besides Arabella, Jack Murphy deals with drug dealers. One of them claims innocence, and Murphy tells them, "That’s right, you’re not a cocaine dealer, you’re an importer—and your brother’s not a scum-sucking pimp...he’s a talent agent."

When Joan Freeman (Carrie Snodgrass), a vicious criminal, is released from prison, she sets out to destroy Murphy, who put her in prison earlier in his career. She begins by kllling Jack's ex-wife (Angel Tompkins) now a stripper. Freeman then begins to kill off more of Jack's associate with the crimes all pointing to Jack.

With such hard evidence, the police can't help but arrest Jack as the prime suspect. But while in custody, Jack escapes, handcuffed to Arabella Wilhoite, whom Jack had arrested earlier on petty thief charges.

Now on the run, Jack, and his reluctant sidekick, Arabella seek the clues to prove him innocent and find the real killer of Jack's wife and friends.

Murphy's Law - Movie Poster

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