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Andy Sipowicz - NYPD Blue (TV Series 1993-2005)

Description - Frequently used phrase of Andy Sipowicz (Dennis Franz), a gritty, alcoholic New York City detective on the police drama NYPD BLUE/ABC/1993-2005. He also likes to call those who annoy him "Asshole."

Here are a few more of Andy's colorful lines:

  • "What's wrong with this country? I'll tell you what's wrong; it's all these foreigners coming over here."
  • "You got a lot of morons in your family? 'Cause that could be genetic."
  • "Romeo's a rage-a-holic, which means he's often pissed off, unlike the vast majority of us gliding along devil-may-care."

A.D.A. Rosenthal: As it happens, the courts have upheld that a confession can be obtained by ruse or trick, so long as an innocent man wouldn't be deceived.
Andy: There's a relief.
A.D.A. Rosenthal: But that doesn't make me any more comfortable with what you've done.
Andy: What's your name again?
A.D.A. Rosenthal Arnold Rosenthal.
Andy: Yeah, well, Arnold, why don't you leave me your card, and I'll be in touch the second that your comfort becomes important to me.
A.D.A. Rosenthal: I don't know what Sylvia sees in you.
Andy: Dickhead.

On the pilot episode, Assistant District Attorney Sylvia Costas (Sharon Lawrence), tells Andy, "I would say 'Res ipsa loquitur' if I thought you knew what it meant." None-to-please with the lady, Andy grabs his crotch and matter-of-factly says, "Hey, Ipsa this, you pissy little bitch!" Despite this rather rude first encounter, Andy and Sylvia later married.

Note: "Res ipsa loquitur" is a legal term from the Latin meaning literally, "The thing speaks for itself."

NYPD Blue (TV Series 1993-2005)

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