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"Fuck you, Sally!"

Oblivion - Jack Harper

Description: Tom Cruise as a vengeful Jack Harper tells off an alien entity before detonating a nuclear bomb in the science fiction motion picture Oblivion (2013).

Jack Harper is the pilot of the spacecraft Odyssey. In the year 2017, one day after the Superbowl, Jack is sent to investigate an extraterrestrial object approaching the planet. Then everything goes black as the alien entity takes Jack and his co-pilot Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) on board its vessel and then explodes the moon.

"Sixty years ago, Earth was attacked. We won the war. But they destroyed half the planet. Everything has been evacuated. Nothing human remains. Our job is security and drone maintenance. We're the mop-up crew." - Jack Harper 49

The catastrophic outcome levels earth, killing billions and making the planet ripe for invasion. The aliens then begin to extract earth's oceans using huge Water Harvesting Machines that convert seawater into alternate energy resources for the aliens.

Oblivion - Water Extraction Machines

In the year 2077, a cloned replica of Jack Harper is assigned to Sky Tower 49 as a drone repairman. The drones protect the Water Harvesting Machines. Jack is partnered with Vica (a replica of his co-pilot) who reports their progress to Sally (Melissa Leo), the mission commander on the Tet, a huge tetrahedron-like spacecraft hovering above the planet. Sally likes to ask, "Are you still an effective team?"

Oblivion - Sally, the mission commander and Vica

To support the illusion that Jack and Vica are working for the surviving earth government, the aliens use the image of Sally, Jack's former earth contact who told the clones their minds have been wiped for security purposes in case they were ever captured by the enemy.

In addition, each clone of Jack and Victoria believes that those responsible for wreaking havoc on the planet are surviving aliens (Scavs), leftovers from the nuclear battle where earth won the war and the aliens were defeated. They also believe that earth's remaining resources, namely the ocean water, is being extracted and transported to Titan, one of the moons of Saturn where the supposed remaining survivors of earth had fled to safety.

Replicant Jack Harper Captured by Humans

One day, as replicant Harper is repairing a down robotic drone, he is captured by a band of humans. Now Jack learns that his employers have lied to him. That they are the enemy and the humans whom he thought were Scavs are the ones responsible for all the terrorist activity. Jack also learns they have a plan to end the alien threat by destroying their mother ship (the Tet) with an nuclear bomb.

Oblivion - Replicant Jack Harper finds downed space capsule

Eventually, Jack is motivated to join the resistance after the Scav rebels had activated a beacon that returned a space pod containing five hibernating astronauts who were jettisoned during the original Jack Harper mission moments before encountering the aliens. Four of the astronauts are killed by drones, but the surviving astronaut turns out to be Julia Rusakova (Olga Kurylenko), the wife of the original Jack Harper. The clone's dreams of Jack meeting a dark haired woman at an observation platform atop the Empire State Building were echoes of his love that remained despite the mind wipe that the original Jack received from the aliens.

Malcolm Beech: You had me worried for a second. I thought you weren't coming back.
Jack Harper: Well, I had to prove him wrong.
Malcolm Beech: You look like shit.
Jack Harper: Oh, you should see the other guy.
Malcolm Beech: I told you, what you'd find out there. You've thought I was crazy.
Jack Harper: Oh, I still do.

When Sally, the mission commander orders Jack to return Julia to the mother ship ("It's time to come home."), he agrees, but Jack has a plan of his own. He takes his wife who is with child to a lakeside sanctuary and then places Malcolm Beech, (Morgan Freeman), the leader of the human resistance inside the recovered hibernating unit.

Oblivion - Portal on Tet Spacecraft

As Jack returns to the Tet, the retrieved flight recorder from the Odessey spacecraft reveals everything that happened prior to the original Jack and Victoria being captured by the aliens. Upon entering the mothership, Jack opens the hibernation pod, where Julia should be, but out pops Beech. Preparing to detonate the nuclear payload stowed away on their craft, Jack recalls a quote from an ancient roman, "How can man die better: than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his Gods."

Oblivion - The God within the spacecraft, aka Sally

Outraged, the angry overlord shouts, "I created you, Jack. I am your GOD!" Jack replies, "Fuck you, Sally!" Then Jack and Beech sacrifice their lives for the cause and activate a nuclear bomb that destroys the mother ship and all of the cloned humans aboard.

Three years pass when Jack's wife and her young daughter are approached by a band of humans. Among them is Jack Harper from Tower 52, who had encountered Jack 49 and Julia years earlier. In a voiceover we hear, "For three years I searched for the house he built. I knew it had to be out there. Because I know him. I am him. I am Jack Harper, and I'm home."

As Jack approaches Julia, she knows that Jack is a replicant, but she also knows that the knowledge and the love it has for her is from her original husband and so she prepares to reunite with him and the other survivors who will recreate a new world from the ashes of the old one.

Oblivion - Movie Poster

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