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Vera Farmiga as Kate Coleman in the motion picture ORPHAN (2009)

Description: Vera Farmiga as Kate Coleman who rejects her homicidal adopted daughter, Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman) after she tries to kill her in the Warner Brothers thriller Orphan (2009).

Kate and John Colman (Peter Sarsgaard) are a married couple with two children (Maxine "Max" and Daniel). When Kate's third child is stillborn, she and her husband adopt an orphaned 9-year-old Russian girl named Esther.

Kate: I know what you're doing. I will not let you hurt my children.
Esther: Me? I'm not the one who passed out drunk and let Max almost drown in the pond. If it wasn't for John, she'd be dead. And you'd probably still be in jail.
Kate: ...Who told you that?
Esther: [holds up Kate's diary] It's very intimate. I learned so much about you.
Kate: Give it to me.
Esther: Jessica. Your cheating husband.
Kate: Esther... give it to me.
Esther: Where you hide your wine bottles.
Kate: I'm - I'm warning you right now.
Esther: [reading] "She was still kicking when the doctor told me it was something called phantom - " [Kate angrily snatches the diary away]
Esther: " - fetal movement. For sixteen days I carried - "
Kate: Stop it.
Esther: " - my dead baby inside me."
Kate: Esther!
Esther: "It was the cruelest torture I could imagine."
Kate: Stop it! You stop it! What's wrong with you?

When Kate finds the name "Saarne Institute" printed inside Esther's bible, she emails the institute for information, believing it to be an orphanage. Soon after Kate receives a phone call from a Dr. Varava who informs Kate that Saarne Institute is a Mental Hospital and that the girl in the photo sent to him is a dangerously violent female who had killed seven people that he knew of...she was kept in a straitjacket to stop her from hurting our staff, she was constantly fighting to get out of it."

In reality, Esther was actually a 33-year-old woman named Leena Klammer. She has a rare hormonal disorder called hypopituitarism, that stunted her physical growth. Mentally disturbed, she poses as an orphaned little girl and when she is adopted, she seduces the father of the family. If she is rejected, she kills everyone in the family.

Daniel: [watching Esther neatly cut up her food] Can you eat normal?
Esther: I am eating normal.
Daniel: Yeah, maybe in Transylvania or whatever country you're from.
Esther: Incidentally, I'm from Russia. Transylvania isn't even a country. It's a part of Romania.
Daniel: You're such a freak.
Kate: Hey.
John: Hey, Danny... I don't want any more talk like that, all right?
Daniel: But why does she have to act like that? All my friends make fun of me because of her.
John: Maybe you need some different friends.
Daniel: Maybe you should send her back to the retard camp where she belongs.
Kate: Daniel.
John: Daniel! Apologize to your sister.
Daniel: She's not my fucking sister.

Shocked at the truth behind Esther's identity, Kate rushes home, but not in time to save her husband John, whom Leena has Killed after a failed seduction. Leena now seeks to kill John's deaf daughter Max, who witnessed her crime.

Kate arrives home, knocks out Leena and takes her gun. She then runs off to the woods with Max in her arms. Lenna awakes, pursues Kate and Max to kill them both. Leena attacks Kate and they slide down a snow-covered hill and fall on a frozen pond. Max picks up gun lost in the struggle and fires a bullet at Leena to save Kate, but the bullet hits the ice causing it to crack. Kate and Leena fall though the ice.

Kate manages to pull herself out but Leena grabs her leg with the intend to killing Kate with the knife she hides behind her back. To entice Kate to save her, Esther shouts, "Please, don't let me die, mommy!" Kate replies, "I'm NOT your FUCKIN' MOMMY!" then kicks Leena in the face, breaking her neck and sending her back into the pond. The police show up on the scene to care for Max and kate.

Isabelle Fuhrman as Esther holding a bloody hammer in the motion picture ORPHAN (2009)

Leena previously tried to murder, the Coleman's son Daniel by smothering him with a pillow as the boy lay in a hospital bed. Daniel held the hammer that killed Sister Abigail as evidence against Leena's crime. In a attempt to retrieve the hammer, Leena burned down Daniel's
tree house causing him to fall to the ground.

"If I find out that you're lying, I'll cut your hairless little prick off before you even figure out what it's for. Do you understand me?" (Esther to Daniel)

Sister Abigail (C.C. Pounder) was the head of the local orphanage where the Coleman's first meet Esther. Before the Coleman's adopted Esther, Sister Abigail warned, "Trouble does have a way of finding her."

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