Black SplatPayback (1999)

"Tell me where John is and I'll finish you quick. I promise you won't have to find out what your left ball tastes like.”

Payback - Bronson threatens Porter

Description: Kris Kristofferson as Bronson threatens a small time crook named Porter (Mel Gibson), who has kidnapped his son, Johnny (Trevor St. John) in the motion picture Payback (1999).

Porter is a small time hood who pulls off a $140,000 heist, but he is betrayed by his partner, Val Resnick (Gregg Henry) and Lynn (Deborah Unger), Porter's ex-wife who leave him for dead with two bullets in the back.

"You'd think after five months of lying on my back, I would have given up any idea of getting even, just be a nice guy and call it a day. Nice guys are fine: you have to have somebody to take advantage of... but they always finish last. " - Porter

When Porter recovers from his wounds, he tracks down his partner who tells Porter he doesn't have the money anymore. Val tells Porter he owed $130,000 debt to a crimnal organization called "The Outfit" run by Bronson (Kris Kristofferson) and Fairfax (James Coburn). They have the money now.

Porter kills Val and then goes to the mobsters who received the payoff and demands his half of the heist money ($70,000). When they refuse, Porter kidnaps Bronson’s son, Johnny as collateral so he can retrieve his share of the loot.

  [Phone Conversation between Bronson and Porter]
Bronson: I'll get you your money, but you're never gonna' live to enjoy it.
Porter: You let me worry about that. Here's the deal: I want you to deliver the money yourself.
Bronson: You're one hell of an optimist. What in the world makes you think I'm gonna' deliver the money myself?
Porter: Well if you don't you'll never see little Johnny again... Didn't come home from the fight last night, did he? He's a good lookin' kid, but I think you indulge him too much. I told him so.
Bronson: Bullshit. You haven't got him. You wouldn't be that stupid.
Porter: My Dad never bought me a Ferrari. I had to steal my first one. Nice inscription on the keychain. A little sappy. Want me to read it?
Bronson: You're dead Porter. Nobody fucks with my family. You hear me? You're a dead man.
Porter: That's Johnny, Mr. Bronson, unless you turn up with the money... Is that a yes?... What's a matter? Cat got your crotch. Hmmm? Some decisions are hard, Mr. Bronson.
Bronson: Where?
Porter: I'll let you know. I'll be in touch.

Bronson is not the only one bothering Porter. Hicks and Leary (Bill Duke and Jack Conley), a couple of crooked cops shadow Porter's movements in hopes of cashing in on the deal. "Crooked cops," says Porter, "Do they come in any other way? If I'd been just a little dumber, I could have joined the force myself.”

To get them off his case, Porter plants Leary's fingerprints on the gun that killed Val Resnick and pickpockets Hick's police badge and leaves it near Val's dead body. With the murder evidence pointing at Hicks and Leary, Internal Afffairs arrest the two very surprised cops.

Payback - Porter and Asian Gangster

After fighting off an assorted bevy of bad guys, including a band of gun-toting Asians, Porter is captured by Bronson who ties him to a chair and advises,”Tell me where John is and I'll finish you quick. I promise you won't have to find out what your left ball tastes like.”

Under pressure of losing his balls, Porter seemingly agrees to reveal where Johnny is being held. Bronson takes the ransom money with him and then throws Porter into the trunk of his car and drives to the location designated by Porter.

As Bronson and his thugs enter the building, Porter rips through the back seat of the car and uses the car phone to call the room where Bronson and his thugs had entered.

"What the hell's going on? asks Bronson, as he answers the phone. Porter replies,"You were right not to trust me." Just then the booby-trapped phone explodes and the whole upper floor of the building shatters into a million pieces.

With his money retrieved (all $140,000), Porter and his girl, Rosie (Maria Bello) - who helped kidnap Johnny - head out of town.

As Porter drives away, he says, "We went for Canada. We made a deal; if she'd stop hookin', I'd stop shooting people...maybe we were aiming high."

Payback - Movie Poster

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