Black SplatThe Pleasure Seekers (1964)

"You little tramp!”

The Pleasure Seekers - Title Credit

Description - Gene Tierney as Jane Barton, a jealous wife gives her frank opinon of golddigger Maggie Williams (Carol Lynley) in the ladies room for making moves on her husband, Paul (Brian Keith) in the motion picture The Pleasure Seekers (1964).

Before Jane slaps Maggie in the face, she asks:

“What’s the goal sweetie, a nasty little love nest? That’s all you get, if that. No cold-eyed, calculating little viper’s going to do me out of a thing. Those wide, wide blue eyes turned on him like red-hot pokers. It makes me sick! He doesn’t give a damn about little tramp!”

The story follows three American girls - Maggie Williams, Fran Hobson (Ann-Margret), and Susie Higgins (Pamela Tiffin) - who travel to Madrid, Spain to share an apartment and search for romance. The movie tagline reads: "Where do little girls go when they want to be bad?"

Maggie Williams:
Susie, you're so dumb!
Susie Higgins:
I know I'm dumb! But it's all I have to work with.

Note: In the film My Best Friend’s Girl (1983) Micky (Michel Coluche) the disc jockey asks, “How can you be such a tramp?” to Vivane (Isabelle Huppert). She replies, “I’ve had a lot of practice. I was lucky enough to start very young, so it becomes second nature.”

The Pleasure Seekers - Movie Poster

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