Black SplatPoint Break (1991)

"Listen. you snot-nose little shit, I was takin’ shrapnel in Khe Sanh when you were crappin’ in your hands and rubbin’ it on your face."

Point Break - Johnny Utah and Angelo Pappas

Description: Gary Busey as veteran FBI agent Angelo Pappas yells at his new partner, Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves) in the motion picture Point Break (1991).

Veteran FBI agent Angelo Pappas and rookie agent Johnny Utah investigate a series of bank robberies performed by criminals wearing masks of ex-presidents (Reagan, Carter, Nixon and Johnson).

"You're a real blue flame special, aren't you, son? Young, dumb and full of come, I know. What I don't know is how you got assigned here. Guess we must just have ourselves an asshole shortage, huh?" Agent Ben Harp [to Johnny]

When Pappas suspect the robbers may be associated with surfing, Johnny Utah hits the beach, learns how to surf and becomes friends with those involved in the crimes.

Pappas: Let me tell you something, Harp. I was in this bureau while you were still popping zits on your funny face and jacking off to the lingerie section of the Sears catalog. But there's something I've learned in all my years...
Ben Harp: Why don't you astonish me, shitbrains.
Pappas: [Pappas punches Harp] Respect for my elders!

The leader of the surfers (aka the "Ex-Presidents") is an adrenaline junky named Bodhi (Patrick Swayze) . He takes Johnny Utah under his wing and exposes him to the wilder side of life, like parachuting from a plane, brawling with surfers, and robbing banks.

Bodhi believes, "If you want the ultimate, you've got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. It's not tragic to die doing what you love." He doesn't do the robberies because of the money. As he said,

"This was about us against the system. That system that kills the human spirit. We stand for something. We are here to show those guys that are inching their way on the freeways in their metal coffins that the human spirit is still alive."

But soon Johnny's friendship with Bodhi is tested to the max and he must prepare to bring him down.

Point Break - The Ex-Presidents Rob a Bank

Bodhi: [preparing for their next robbery] 90 seconds Johnny. That's all I ask for, just 90 seconds of your life Johnny, that's it. This is our tactic, is we strike fear. Once you get them peeing down their leg, they submit. Also about fear, fear causes hesitation, and hesitation, causes your worst fears to come true. [hands Johnny a shot gun]
Johnny: I can't do this.
Bodhi: Yes you can, who knows, you might like it.
Johnny: Bodhi, this is your fucking wake-up call man. I am an F-B-I Agent!
Bodhi: Yeah, I know man. Ain't it wild? That's what makes it so interesting. You can do what you want, and make up your own rules. Why be a servant to the law, when you can be its master?

"I know Johnny. I know you want me so bad it's like acid in your mouth. But, not this time." - Bodhi

Johnny finally hunts Bodhi down as he is about to surf a huge lethal wave. He could careless about Johnny's duty, he just wants to live life on a high note before he dies. Bodhi pleads with Johnny to let him ride the surf one last time. Against his better judgment Johnny says, "Via con Dios" and let's Bodhi slide in to the surf.

"Look at it! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, man! Let me go out there and let me get one wave, just one wave before you take me in. I mean, come on man, where I am I gonna go? Cliffs on both sides! I'm not gonna paddle my way to New Zealand! Come on, compadre. Come on!"

When an approaching Australian cop asks, "We'll get him when he comes back in!" Johnny, knowing Bodhi will surely die in the lethal waves, replies, "He's not coming back."

Then furious at himself for not apprehending Bodhi, with whom he now felt a special kinship, Johnny throws his FBI badge into the water and walks away.

Point Break - Movie Poster

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