Black SplatPrizzi's Honor (1985)

"Do I ice her? Do I marry her? Which one a dese?"

Prizzi's Honor - Jack Nicholson and Kathleen Turner

Description: Jack Nicholson as Charlie Partanna, a Mafia hit man weighs his options on whether to kill or marry fellow assassin Irene Walker (Kathleen Turner) in the black comedy Prizzi’s Honor (1985).

"Hired killers by day. Devoted lovers by night. Until they found their next assignment was each other." - Tagline

Charley Partanna is a likable, but dim-witted mafia hitman from New York City. He works for the Prizzis who operate a nationwide crime syndicate. Whenever the "family" needs to have someone whacked, they call in Charley to do the job. Charley has taken a bllood oath to protect the honor of the Prizzi family and is considered to be almost like a son to their aging Don.

Devoted to the Prizzi family, Charley has been romantically associated with Maerose Prizzi (Angelica Huston), the granddaughter of Don Corrado Prizzi (William Hickey). But all of that changes when Charley is smitten with Irene Walker (Kathleen Turner), a women he meets at the wedding of the daughter of one of Don Corrado’s sons, Dominic (Lee Richardson).

At first, Irene tells Charley that she is a tax advisor, but she later reveals she is a free-lance killer like himself who was hired by the Prizzis family to eliminate a double-crosser in their midst. She confesses, "I've been doin' three to four hits a year for the past couple of years, most at full pay." Impressed, Charley says, "That many?" To which Irene replies, "Well, it's not many when you consider the size of the population."

Charley Partanna: I met her in a church. It just happened. I knew she was the woman for me. She'd organized the scam in Vegas. I go looking for the bad guy and it turns out to be my woman, can you imagine this? Not only that - Pop tells me she's the piece man for the Nettabino contract. Just the same, I love her, Mae... I love her.
Maerose Prizzi: Well...
Charley Partanna: How can I live with this? I gotta do something about it. I gotta straighten it out.
Maerose Prizzi: Then do.
Charley Partanna: Do what? Do I ice her? Do I marry her? Which one of dese?
Maerose Prizzi: Marry her, Charley. Just because she's a thief and a hitter doesn't mean she's not a good woman in all the other departments. If she was some kind of fashion model, well it wouldn't last more than thirty days. But you and she is in the same line of business. You are lucky you found each other, you know that, Charley?
Charley Partanna: Yeah, I guess.
Maerose Prizzi: She's an American! She had a chance to make a buck so she grabbed it. Marry her, Charley. Then at least I'll be able to get something out of it... I'll be able to go back in the family.
Charley Partanna: Yeah.

As their romance blossoms, Charley and Irene join forces to kidnap a banker (Michael Lombardi) who’s stealing from the Prizzis. But during the operation, Irene is forced to shoot a witness to the kidnapping…who turns out to be the wife of a New York police officer.

To make things worse, Charley learns that Irene’s ex-husband, Marxie Heller (Joseph Ruskin), was involved in the theft of money from a Las Vegas casino in which the Prizzi family has an interest and that Irene was involved in the theft. "I've been lookin for the bad guy," says Charley, "and it turns out to be my woman. Can you imagine this?"

Prizzi's Honor - Hitmen at Work

Unfortunately, when Don Corrado learns that Irene was involved in the theft of a casino and the murder of a police officer's wife, Charley is informed by Don Corrado and his son Eduardo (Robert Loggia) that Irene has to go.

As Don Corrado Prizzi reluctantly tells Charley, "You swore an oath of blood, my blood and yours, that you would always put the family before anything else in your life. We are calling on you to keep that sacred oath."

Charley tries to reason with the Don, pleading, "Irene is my family. She's my wife." But Angelo 'Pop' Partanna reminds Charley, "She is a woman you have known only for a few weeks. She is your wife. We are your life."

Prizzi's Honor - Irene Meets Her Match

Torn between his love for Irene and his devotion to his mob family, Charley agrees he must do the Don's bidding and so as Charley gets ready for bed, he lays in wait with a knife in his hand to kill his new bride. But little does Charley know that Irene has been given a free-lance contract to kill Charley and so when she emerges from the bathroom, she is totting a gun which she fires at Charley. However, her bullet misses him and hits the pillow, giving Charley time to throw his knife that hits Irene in the throat and pins her to the wall.

In the end, Charley returns from Los Angeles to New York with the stolen money and rekindles his relationship with Maerose, the Don's granddaughter who had cleverly orchestrated the hit on Irene by reporting that Irene had stolen $720,000 from their casino.

Prizzi's Honor - Movie Poster

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