Black SplatPolitically Incorrect Quotes




Movie Icon "You’re a yellow belly Jap lover "   Bad Day at Black Rock
Movie Icon "Up Yours, Nigger!"   Blazing Saddles
Movie Icon "I hate the British!"   Bridge On The River Kwai, The
Movie Icon "Oh, You English. You’re so fucking superior, aren’t you?"   Fish Called Wanda, A
Movie Icon "The only good human is a dead human."   Planet of the Apes
Movie Icon "You hideous yellow monster, do you mean to destroy us all?"   Mask of Fu Manchu, The
Movie Icon "That's faggot's stuff!"   Midnight Cowboy
Movie Icon "It's shite being Scottish!"   Trainspotting
Movie Icon "Shut up, you American!"   Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life
Movie Icon "NERDS!!!"   Revenge of the Nerds
Movie Icon "In Japan, men come first; women come second"   You Only Live Twice
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