Black SplatSaturday Night Live (1975+)

"My wife will be home soon. 'Can you say 'Bitch?'"

Saturday Night Live - Eddie Murphy as Mr. Robinson

Description: Eddie Murphy as Mr. Robinson as he portrays a ghetto version of Mr. Fred Rogers in comedy sketches on the late night NBC program SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!

The Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood begins with Murphy in typical Fred Rogers style entering his ghetto home, donning a cardigan sweater, putting on sneakers and greeting the boys and girls to his home.

The following is Mr. Robinson's opening theme song, which is a corrupted version of the one sang by Fred Rogers on MR. ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD:

“It’s one hell of a day in the neighborhood, a hell of a day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine?...I hope I get to move into your neighborhood, someday. But the problem is, when I move in, y'all move away!”

Saturday Night Live - Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood Title Graphic

In the ghetto world of Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood, instead of learning wholesome lessons about sharing and friendship, we learn

  • How to answer the door by shouting, "WHO IS IT!"
  • How to deal with landlords, aka "Scum Buckets" who deliver eviction notices.
  • How to negotiate with angry neighbors.
  • How to sell a baby on the black market and get $1,000.
  • How to ransom a stolen dog.

On occasion, Mr. Robinson receives package from a drug dealer named "Mr. Speedy" (a parody of Mr. McFeely the Postman on Fred Rogers' show).

As Mr. Robinson concluded the show, he sang, "A very you."

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood
A beautiful day for a neighbor.
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?

I always wanted to live in a house like yours, my friend
Maybe when there's nobody at home, I'll break in!

So, I married a woman who said she was rich,
Spent all of her money, walked out on the bitch!
Won't you be my..
Won't you be my..
Won't you be my neighbor?"

Saturday Night Live - Mr. Robinson meets Mr. T

"The new word for the day is...Pain!"

Saturday Night Live - Mr. Robinson teaches us a new word

"Here's a riddle boys and girls. What's Black and Puerto Rican and has my eyes? It's today's new word. Can you use this word in a sentence?"

Saturday Night Live - Mr. Robinson as Santa
"You know, another reason why Mr. Robinson likes Christmas so much, boys and girls, is because I have so much in common with Santa Claus. We both like to sneak into your house late at night. Only Mr. Santa Claus likes to leave things. Mr. Robinson prefers to take a few things every now and then."

Saturday Night Live - TV Series Poster

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