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"We’re not worthy!"

Saturday Night Live - Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar

Description: Self-deprecating pronouncement of Mike Myers and Dana Carvey as teenagers Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar the hosts of the comedy skit "Wayne's World" on NBC’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

Every time Wayne and Garth were in the presence of greatness, such as being introduced to the rock group Aerosmith, they fell prostrate to the ground, bowed in appreciation and chanted, “We‘re not worthy!”

"Marriage is punishment for shoplifing in some countries" - Wayne [to Garth]

When not worshipping their rock idols, Wayne and Garth hosted ‘Wayne’s World,’ a Channel 10 cable access program produced every Friday night at 10:30 P.M. from the basement of Wayne’s home in Aurora, Illinois. Their private language called ‘Waynespeak’ included such phrases as:

  • “And monkeys might fly out of my butt” - meaning like “that” could really happen .
  • “Fished In” - meaning that you took the bait-hook line and sinkerthis phrase is accompanied by placing your hands aside your head to simulate a fish’s flapping gills caught in the net.
  • “I think I’m gonna hurl.” – meaning like that makes me sick, man. The phrase “blow chunks” was also popular.
  • “NOT!” - used at the end of a statement of fact to negate or refute it.
  • “You’re pail, you’re bucket” – meaning “You are bad. You are awful.”
  • “Take a pill” – meaning relax, unwind.
  • “Schwing!!” – meaning a female is attractive (the word was accompanied by a slight thrusting of the pelvis).

Saturday Night Live - Wayne mocks guest with insulting cue card messages

Note: Special mention goes to two of “Waynespeak” words...“Swing” and “Not!” According to an article in Entertainment Weekly, “If all the teenage boys in the United States SCHWUNG! at once, the Earth would tilt three degrees of its axis, resulting in full global warming and causing untold ecological damage.”

The origin of Wayne’s “NOT!” response dates back to a 1978 SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE “Nerds” sketch in which Steve Martin as Chaz the Spaz told Gilda Radner’s Lisa Loopner, “That’s a fabulous science fair project...NOT!” Inspired by the “NOT!” craze blustery host of PBS’s THE MCLAUGHLIN GROUP John McLaughlin greeted panelist Fred Barnes with a friendly “Welcome back, Fred...NOT!”

The "Wayne’s World" skit spawned the motion pictures Wayne’s World (1992) and Wayne’s World 2 (1993).

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