Black SplatSilent Hunter (1995)

"I don’t think you’ll be needing this anymore."

Silent Hunter - Jim Parandine seeks revenge for the criminals who killed his wife and child

Description: Miles O’Keeffe as ex-cop Jim Parandine in the motion picture Silent Hunter (1995).

After a helicopter filled with bank robbers (the same group who killed Jim’s wife & child) crashes in a snowy wilderness, the fleeing criminals shoot an old man in a wheel chair and force his grand-daughter to lead them back to civilization.

Fortunately, the crooks don’t kill her friend, Jim, who promises, “I’m going to kill you” before he is knocked unconscious. When he awakes, Jim sets out on a trail of revenge.

One by one, Jim, using his Navy Seal training, kills each of the criminals. When Jim catches the last man, he puts a hand-grenade in the bad guy’s jacket and slides him down a rope into a ravine where he unceremoniously explodes.

As Jim walks back to the dead body of the only woman crook in the bunch (killed with a hunting arrow) Jim removes a ring from the woman’s cold fingers and says, “I don‘t think you’ll be needing this anymore” The ‘ring’ belonged to Jim’s wife.

Note: The movie’s tagline read: “At 10,000 feet Silence is Deadly!”

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