Black SplatThe Smothers Brothers

"Mom always liked you best!"

Tom and Dick Smothers, aka The Smothers Brothers

Description - The classic sound of sibling rivalry humorously shouted by Tommy Smothers (guitar player) to his brother Dick Smothers (bass player) on the musical variety program THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS COMEDY HOUR/CBS/ABC/NBC/1967-75.

Their eighth album “Mom Always Liked You Best” (Mercury Records, 1965) features a five minute track where Tom and Dick argue about their relationship with their mother.

According to an interview in the PortFolio Weekly by Jim Newsom (11/01/2005) ‘Mom liked you best’ came out of frustration; it was just an adlib. I had totally demeaned him (Tom),” said Dick Smothers, “told him everything that was wrong with him, that he wasn’t even fit to live. ‘Oh yeh? Mom always liked you best!’…hammered the last nail in the coffin of his self-esteem.”

A selection of "Mom liked you best" themed merchandise can be purchased at the Smothers Brothers Winery gift shop located on Highway 12 and Warm Springs Road in Kenwood, California.

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