Black SplatSoldier (1998)

"I’m going to kill them all, sir"

Soldier - Kurt Russell as TODD 3465

Description: Dutiful statement delivered by TODD 3465, (Kurt Russell) in the science fiction film Soldier (1998).

Bred from birth as a soldier, by the Adam Project (“Show no mercy. Show no weakness. Weakness is death”), TODD is later replaced by a more advanced version of fighting men (DNA Recombinants) and then unceremoniously left for dead on waste disposal planet, Arcadia 234.

When a team of 17 advanced soldiers are let loose on the planet’s civilian population of shipwrecked survivors (classified as hostiles), TODD protects his newly adopted world. All TODD feels is fear and discipline...always.

Asked by a female “What are you going to do” about the approaching soldiers, TODD responds, “I’m going to kill them all, sir.” When asked if the others could help fight, TODD says, “No. Soldiers deserve soldiers, sir.”

Sandra: How do you know they'll be back?
TODD: Because they're soldiers, Sir. Like me.
Sandra: Why are they doing this?
TODD: They're obeying orders, Sir. It's their duty.
Sandra: Do you know how many there will be?
TODD: Seventeen more, Sir.
Sandra: Oh my God, you can't fight seventeen more on your own, you have to organize us. We're not cowards, we'll do as you tell us, we'll fight.
Sandra: Why not?
TODD: Soldiers deserve soldiers, Sir.
Sandra: But one soldier, against seventeen. What are you going to do?
TODD: I'm going to kill them all, Sir.

After TODD defeats all of the "new and improved" super soldiers sent against him, he contacts Rubrick, their commander by radio and says, "Your men... are obsolete." Obsolete was the term used when they decommissioned TODD.

With the enemy defeated, TODD and the other survivors on the planet commandeer Rubrick's spacecraft and set a course for the Trinity Moons. Rubrick is left behind on the planet in the proximity of an activated explosive device that he intended to use to destroy the planet. When the bomb counts down to zero, BOOM! Game over.

Note: In the made-for-cable police drama Rainbow Drive (1990) Peter Weller starred as a Hollywood cop who refuses to stop his investigation of a multiple-murder case. He is then told, “Play the game or die.” When they kill his girlfriend, the cop says, “I’m gonna kill them. I'm gonna kill them all."

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