Black SplatStep by Step (1991-1998)


Step by Step - J.T. and Dana

Description: Insulting nickname given to Dana Foster (Staci Keanan) by her stepbrother J. T. Lambert (Brandon Call) on the sitcom STEP BY STEP/ABC/1991-98.

J. T. once teased Dana about not being invited to a party by saying, “I’d invite you, but they don’t allow dogs!” He also called Dana “Vampira,” “Frosty the Step-sister” and “The Undateable.”

Dana, in turn, called J. T. a “sleazeball” and a “knuckle-dragger”, among others quips.

Step by Step - Dana and Cody

Frank’s nephew Cody Lambert (Sasha Mitchell), however, thought that Dana was very attractive. He once said, “If she were a prehistoric creature, she’d be a “BABE-ertooth tiger.” Dana, however, thought Cody was “a brain-dead idiot.” She elaborated by saying “If I had the choice of going out with you or putting out an oil fire with my tongue, I’d be on the first plane to Kuwait.”

Step by Step - TV Series Title Card

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