Black SplatStone Cold (1991)

"It’s times like this I think of my father’s last words."

Stone Cold - Chains and biker buddy race through the courthouse

Description: The comment of a psychotic criminal named Chains Cooper (Lance Henriksen) in the action crime drama Stone Cold (1991).

In the film, police officer Joe Huff (Brian Bosworth), at the request of the FBI, assumes the identity of John Stone and goes undercover to become a member of a biker gang to stop an assassination plot against a politician who backs a death penalty statute for criminals.

"The devil was a rebel angel. If you want to fuck with the living, you'll have to learn to fuck with the dead!" - Chains

Joe Huff joins the gang but not without some snappy comments from his new biker friends. One of the bikers named Ice (William Forsythe) says, "You look like a grown up version of Bam-Bam." And when Chains, the group's leader shows Stone the biker's "colors," he proudly proclaims, "This may be a rag to the walking dead out there, but THIS is my flag, my cross, my church. And these colors don't run... If they hit the ground even in a fight, I will peel your skin off with a knife dipped in shit."

When Chains Cooper is captured and taken to court for multiple extortion offenses, he has a little surprise for everyone. Namely, guns he smuggled into the courthouse. Aided by accomplices, Chains sprays the room with machine gun fire and embarks on a deadly killing spree.

At one point, Chains aims his weapon at a man and says, “It’s times like this I think of my father’s last words.” The innocent bystander asks, “What were they?” Chains answers, “Don’t son, that gun is loaded!” He then kill the man and others in the area.

Chains joins his marauding bikers who screech their motorcycles through the marble hallways of the courthouse. As Chains confronts Stone, he says, “Welcome to my slaughterhouse.” But Stone knocks his gun out of his hands and begins to beat him savagely. On the floor and bleeding, Chains slowly crawls to retreive his weapon.

Stone Cold - "Imagine the future, Chains, 'Cause you're not in it"

But Stone grabs Chains by the back of his head, yanks his hair, lifts him up and points a gun at Chain’s forehead. In a moment of ultimate payback, Stone says, “Imagine the future, Chains, ‘cause you’re not in it.” Stone pulls the trigger, but the chamber is empty. His psych-out makes Chains faint then fall backwards down the stairs to the landing below.

Later, in custody, Chains, unwilling to be caught, grabs a handgun from a cop’s holster. But before he can shoot, he is shot dead by Stone’s partner (Sam McMurray) and then falls to his death off the court house balcony.

Stone Cold - Movie Poster

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